Exfoliating With Procoal Face Scrub

I’ve been exfoliating with Procoal activated charcoal face scrub over the last few weeks. I received a full sample to review. Procoal have created an ethical-made range of skin care products. Procoal is against animal testing and most ingredients used are naturally derived such as charcoal and essential oils.

Exfoliating With Procoal


Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the top later of your skin. We naturally shed dead skin cells every 30 days so new skin cells can take their place. Whilst the majority of dead skin cells will fall off naturally, some don’t shed perfectly from the skin. This can leave dry, flaky patches on your skin which can clog your pores too. Exfoliating helps prevent this and should be an important part of your skincare routine.

Procoal Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

The Procoal activated charcoal face scrub is expertly developed in the UK. This exfoliating face scrub uses specially selected active constituents to remove impurities, oxidised sebum and contaminants. This gives a purified, cleansed and invigorated complexion. This face scrub uses Allantoin which encourages natural skin exfoliation. Calendula oil, recognised for restoring the skin’s natural water balance is also used. The activated Charcoal helps to clear deep-seated pores, removing pollutants to purify your complexion.

My Thoughts

Anyone that knows me will know my skin is awful! I’ve tried loads of different face scrubs, washes, creams and masks over the years to try and tame my face. Unfortunately, due to having eczema, a lot of products really irritate my skin. I am pleasantly surprised that the Procoal face scrub doesn’t irritate my skin at all!

Applying Procoal Face Scrub

As you apply the face scrub, you can see the charcoal breaking down as you can see above. (Apologies for the quality, it was late at night!) After rinsing it off you can genuinely feel a difference. Unlike other scrubs I’ve used, my face felt really clean and soft, no tightness afterwards which I usually have.


After a few weeks of trying out Procoal 1 to 3 times per week, my skin is slowly looking much healthier! Procoal’s site does state it can take 6-8 weeks to see a real difference though. By now I have usually given up due to poor results but I can see me finishing this tube. It is on the pricier side for me but the results are undeniable so I probably would buy this again. I’m quite lazy with my skincare routine, however, I’ve managed to remember every few days to use the face scrub. I have been doing this as part of my self-care routine. Overall I am pleased with the Procoal exfoliating face scrub and definitely recommend giving it a go.

Do you use exfoliating face scrubs?

Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Review And Giveaway

We were gifted Uncle Bubble Mega Loop to review this week and we also have one to giveaway. Uncle Bubble are bubble experts and this fun kit contains all you need to create bubbles bigger than you!

Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Kit

Uncle Bubble Mega Loop

The portable Mega Loop kit can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors, at home, school, the park, absolutely anywhere. The kit comes with a Mega Loop wand, inflatable bubble pool and a big bottle of bubble solution. The unique secret professional formula has been used by bubbleologists to build bubbles that have broken Guinness world records! Become a bubble pro in no time with this fab kit.


Bubble Fun

We have been playing around with the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop kit over the last few days and have had loads of fun. The instructions make setting up the bubble pool and Mega Loop wand simple. Following the instructions to mix the bubble solution just right makes the best bubbles.

Izzy in a bubble

The girls had a lot of fun with the Mega Loop Kit and spent ages trying to make the biggest bubbles. We are waiting for the sun to come out so we can take the kit to the park too! I’m sure the girls will have plenty of fun as will any other children there.

Blowing big bubbles

You can create all kinds of bubble magic with this special solution and there is more than enough for a few sessions of bubble making. If you do run out, you can buy more on Amazon easily! It isn’t recommended to use this kit on a slippery surface however we couldn’t help but try out on our landing as there was more space. Hopefully the weather improves soon and we can set up at the park for hours of bubble fun!

Mega Bubbles with Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Kit

I got carried away myself joining in making big bubbles along with the girls and know everyone will enjoy this kit. The only issue we found was that we enjoyed ourselves so much I almost forgot to take ANY photos! Check out the Uncle Bubble Video below though.


As promised we have an Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Kit for one lucky winner. Simply enter below for your chance to win and check out our other live giveaways here.

Win The Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Tool #6

Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks Review And Giveaway

We were sent Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks range to review this week. Written by Sarah Parkin and Designed by Rob Hale. Each Mini Playbook has a story, playmat, pop-up building and over 20 press out pieces. There are currently 6 books within the Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks and we have 3 books to offer one lucky winner! Read on and enter below.

Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks

Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks

Currently, the six Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks available include Farm, Animal Hospital, Fire Station, Castle, Airport and Garage. These fantastic books encourage reading and learning through play.

Miles Kelly Mini Playbook - Animal Hospital

Mini Playbook Fun

Each storybook follows a character at work, explaining the different tasks they do each day. Once you’ve read the story and learnt the tasks, it’s time to play and act out the different roles! There is a handy guide to setting up and using the book inside too.

Animal Hospital Instructions

Each book turns into a square playmat with a road, pop-up building and relevant scenery. The buildings all have doors that open, allowing your press-out characters to go in and out easily.

Miles Kelly Animal Hospital Mini Playbook

Animal Hospital Playmat - Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks

Inside each pop-up building, there is plenty of space to move characters around. Both girls enjoy setting up these books and playing out the roles. Izzy especially loves animal hospitals and this was definitely her favourite. Reading about Sam the Vet’s adventures at work and then playing Vet kept Izzy busy for hours!


The Castle Mini Playbook follows Cedric the knights adventures in a medieval castle. The Castle comes with a Dragon, knights on horses, a Lord & Lady, Musician and more, the girls quickly got lost in this Mini Playbook.

Castle Miles Kelly Mini Playbook

Fire Station

We read about Firefighter George’s adventure at work, then we set up all the pieces. The girls had hours of fun playing as firefighters, rescuing cats from buildings and putting out fires. This Playbook comes with a fire engine, fires, barriers and various firefighters.

Fire Station


Jack is on his first visit to the airport in this storybook on his first family holiday. Learn about what goes on in an airport then fold out the playmat, pop up the building and play! I love how the aeroplanes go together for this playbook making them 3D.



Follow Farmer Sam around the farm as he cares for all the animals. Farms are very busy places with lots of jobs to do, press out the pieces and help Sam look after the animals. With cute farm animals and a shiny red tractor this Playbook is amazing.



Learn about mechanic Matt’s adventures at work in this storybook before getting busy helping at the Garage. Help wash cars, change tyres, repair engines and become a marvellous mechanic for a few hours.


The Mini Playbooks fold back down after being played with. This makes the Mini Playbooks easy to store until next time. Simply flatten the press-out pieces and store them inside the building safely too. We are really impressed with the Mini Playbooks as they are so easy to set up and clear away. They certainly kept the girls occupied and having fun for hours at a time and the enjoyed building a few at a time and connecting the roads on the playmats to create their own little town.

Miles Kelly Mini Playbook Giveaway

As promised, we have 3 Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks to giveaway to one lucky winner*! The winner will be able to pick any 3 titles from the 6 available, simply enter the giveaway below and keep an eye on your emails.

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*Winner will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway closing and will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked.

Which 3 Miles Kelly Mini Playbook titles would you pick?

Hero Fun With Herodrive Vehicles

Izzy’s been having Hero fun with the new Herodrive Vehicles. We were kindly gifted the vehicles to review Both of my girls love DC, with Batman being their favourite! Obviously, because of this, we were really excited to check them out.

Hero Fun

Hero Fun With Herodrive vehicles

These fantastic vehicles are a mash-up of favourite DC superhero characters and vehicles to create the ultimate her powered adventure! Choose from Speed Squad Minis or Mash Machines for some hero fun for your little one.

Herodrive from Asda

Join in with the superhero action with these super speedy vehicles and your favourite DC hero. Available from Asda and some items are available from Amazon too. Although the Herodrive range is aimed at 3-6 years, Eva (8) really enjoyed joining in with the hero fun too! These fabulously speedy little vehicles will have your little one off on superhero adventures for hours.

Speed Squad Minis

Herodrive 2.5inch vehicles

These fun, free-wheeling vehicles are super fast and feature DC icons Superman, Batman, The Flash and The Joker. This new range provides high-speed hero fun with these fantastic little vehicles. Zoom about the streets of Central City as your favourite DC hero saving the day!

Mash Machines Batman Police Car

Mash Machines Batman Police Car

These super cool Herodrive Mash machines are HEROIC! Patrol the streets in the Batman police car and don’t forget to push the Batman logo for backup if needed! Just like the Speed Squad Minis, Mash machines are seriously speedy, perfect for saving the day.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, we love the Herodrive vehicles, the girls have been playing with them non-stop. The Batman Police Car is so much fun with the Batman noises! The Herodrive cars really are super speedy. They are perfect for high-speed chases through the flat. Personally, I think these would make a fab alternative to chocolate this Easter and the perfect gift for any little one. Izzy says the herodrive vehicles are so cool and she loves them, she call the speed squad mini Batman car, Baby Batman and the Batman Police Car, big Batman.

Izzy playing with Herodrive vehicles

More Herodrive products will be launching soon too, so keep an eye out!

Which DC icon is your childs favourite?

Magic Pie – Children’s Book Review

We were sent Magic Pie by Robyn Embrey to review* last week. This beautifully rhyming, magical adventure is a lovely book for children. Published by Pegasus and available on Amazon. We always enjoy reviewing children’s books like this, that just flows so well.

Magic Pie - Robyn Embrey

Magic Pie

Magic pie is all about a little boy named Olly who tries to make a magic pie. He tries but with no luck. His mum finds him and explains real magic lies in a box of pixie dust beneath her bed. Olly embarks on a magical adventure where he meets a genie, a rabbit and fairy.

Olly making magic pie

Olly just wants to make Magic Pie,
One to make him magic, one to make him fly.

But he might just find where real magic lies instead,

With a box of pixie dust, beneath his mummy’s bed.

Magic Pie – Robyn Embrey

Our Thoughts

We love reading this book and have already read it a few times. Its rhythm flows beautifully making it fun to read aloud. From the start, the girls listened intensely to Olly’s magical adventure. You could see they really enjoyed it throughout.

Magic Pie colouring pages

Both my girls have tried to make magic potions before, as have most children. Mixing all kinds of ingredients in little pots so I found Olly’s magic pie making quite amusing.

Magic Pie Blogger Pack

As reviewers, we also received some colouring pages, bookmarks and pixie dust, which the girls really loved! Magic Pie is already a favourite read for the girls and I can really see why. Olly has so much fun on his magical journey. When he returns, he knows that one day he’ll show his sister the magic that lies beneath mummy’s bed too. We would love to see more children’s books by Robyn Embrey as we thoroughly enjoyed this one!

About The Author

This is Robyn Embrey’s first Children’s book she has published. I have followed her on twitter for a while and know she has worked hard to create this fantastic children’s book. Below is a short ‘about me’ from Robyn herself.

My Children live in a world only confined to the limits of their imaginations. With so much inspiration around me in day to day life, I started to write down their adventures. With the support of my long-suffering husband, my faithful friends and a little creativity, Magic Pie and other stories started to keep me awake at night. The only way to get some sleep was to write them down

Robyn Embrey

Have you heard of or read Magic Pie yet?

*Whilst we were kindly sent this book for a review, all opinions are our own and honest.

Princess Ponies -The Lucky Horseshoe Book Review

The Princess Ponies series by Chloe Ryder is full of stories that are empowering, uplifting and full of empathy. Jeff Norton kindly sent us an author copy when we responded to his tweet sharing the release of Princess Ponies – The Lucky Horseshoe. We decided that since we love to review books, we should review this too!

Princess Ponies - The lucky horseshoe

Princess Ponies – The Lucky Horseshoe

The Lucky Horseshoe was released in time for St. Patrick’s day. This beautifully illustrated book comes with a lovely magic horseshoe collectable charm. There are several books in the Princess Ponies adventure series, each with a different charm to collect.

Collectible magic horseshoe charm

Chloe Ryder wrote the Princess Ponies series as an alternative for adventure-loving girls to Barbie and Disney Princesses. The main character Phillipa (Pippa) is a head-strong action heroine who strives to save the day. Eva especially loves a storyline full of adventure like this.

Pippa lives in the land of Chevalia. She is having terrible luck at school on St. Patrick’s day. To make it even worse, Pippa is alerted by Princess Stardust and the Pirate Ponies that the troublemaking Divine has cast a spell to steal all of Chevalias good luck too.

Princess Ponies Book Review

Pippa sets off on a journey across the high seas, on The Jolly Horseshoe, in search of a way to win the ponies’ luck back. During this journey, Pippa and her friends meet cow sharks and discover a mysterious island. On this mysterious island, a new pony may be able to explain how to turn their luck around.

Eva’s Thoughts

Eva said she really enjoyed reading The Lucky Horseshoe. She said it has some really cool characters from humans, ponies and cow sharks! The storyline is full of adventure and kept Eva absorbed throughout. She loved the ending and now wants to read the rest of the series!

Writing Gloves Giveaway – Literary Book Gifts

We have a writing gloves giveaway live today for one of our readers win thanks to Literary Book Gifts. These lovely fingerless gloves are made of soft cashmere and perfect for writing. With 13 colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Many of my readers are writers themselves so offering you all a writing gloves giveaway seemed a great idea.

Writing Gloves Giveaway

Cold Hands

Many writers suffer from cold hands during long periods of writing. There are several causes of this but thankfully, writing gloves are an easy solution. Keep your hands warm while still having the full dexterity to write. Due to my Peripheral Neuropathy, I often suffer from cold hands day-to-day. I used to wear fingerless gloves all the time to help until I lost my favourite pair but none quite as lovely as these.

Literary Book Gifts

Literary book gifts have a whole range of gifts for book lovers. From writing gloves, T-shirts and totes, you’re bound to find the perfect literary gift. T-shirts are available for both men and women and come in a wide range of bookish designs. All orders are charged $5 shipping within the USA and $10 for international orders.

Writing Gloves

Literary Book Gifts writing gloves are knitted and breathable with roughly 35% cashmere wool. They are also made of a cotton, polyester and microfiber blend for durability. These soft, warm and cosy fingerless gloves are perfect for writers from office workers to authors.

Writing Gloves Giveaway

As promised, Literary Book Gifts have offered one pair of Writing gloves* worth $52 dollars to one lucky winner in their chosen colour! The winner will be contacted within 24 hours for delivery details. Please respond within 72 hours or a new winner will be drawn and contacted.

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*This prize may take 1- 2 months for delivery as it will be coming straight from the manufacturer.

Have you considered writing gloves before?

ChimiChurri Beef Steak Recipe #MeatMatters

The Mr made Chimichurri beef steaks* last week for dinner and it was absolutely lovely! We are taking part in the #MeatMatters campaign, sponsored by Simply Beef & Lamb. Beef and lamb are full of protein, iron, essential vitamins and minerals helping to combat fatigue and support good health and well being.

ChimiChurri Beef Steak

ChimiChurri Beef Steak Recipe

We decided to try our own Chimichurri beef steak recipe. Beef is naturally rich in protein and a source of iron, I often struggle with anaemia and need help to fight the fatigue so I love beef dishes. Beef also contains 8 essential vitamins and minerals supporting health and wellbeing.

ChimiChurri is an Argentinian, uncooked sauce typically used on grilled meat. A quick and easy recipe, which only take 5-10 minutes preparation and 5-10 minutes cooking time depending on how well you like your steaks.


Soaking Beeg Steaks in Olive Oil and Black Pepper
  • Beef Steaks
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Chillies
  • Onion
  • Lemon Juice
  • Garlic
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Black Pepper


  1. Starting with the chimichurri sauce, use a hand blender/food processor or chop the Parsley, oregano, garlic, onion and chillies together. Add a tablespoon or two or two of olive oil, lemon juice and red wine vinegar and mix until it’s a saucy consistency.
  2. Soak the beef steaks in a little olive oil and black pepper then grill or fry for 2-3 minutes each side or until cooked to your preference.

Serve your beef steaks whole or sliced with ChimiChurri sauce in a pot on the side to spread on top. Along with some chunky chips you have a healthy, quick, delicious meal.

Chimichurri Beef Steak

Do you enjoy Beef or Lamb dishes? Which is your favourite recipe?

*This post is an entry for the #MeatMatters Challenge, sponsored by Simply Beef and Lamb. Learn more about the benefits of cooking and eating beef and lamb along with recipe ideas and inspiration here!

Growing Fruit And Vegetables Indoors

We love growing fruit and vegetables indoors and it’s surprising just how much can be grown inside. When we had a garden we grew all sorts from Potatoes, Strawberries, Purple Broccoli, Purple Carrots and more.

Growing Fruit And Vegetables Indoors

Losing that was quite sad as we all really enjoyed harvesting our hard work. We decided that regardless of being in a flat, we would continue to grow what we could indoors with the girls. Providing you have a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight, a compost bag and deep pots you can grow fruit and vegetables indoors easily. If you are looking at growing fruit and vegetables indoors then we have a handy list you can use!


Izzy went through a phase of loving Peppers, so we decided to grow peppers on their windowsill. When we shared our post and success on twitter I was pleased to find our harvest turned out better than some outdoor plants! Peppers grow really well on a windowsill facing the sun, the girls windowsill really heats up during the day providing a fantastic greenhouse effect.

Growing Fruit and Vegetbles indoors


A strawberry plant will happily grow on a windowsill with plenty of sunshine. We tried growing Strawberries in a can but unfortunately, Izzy knocked it over several times. It is something we will try again, possibly this year though as I have seen some great indoor harvests.

Growing Strawberries indoors


Anyone who follows me on Instagram will no doubt have spotted Izzy repotting some cucumber plants for her windowsill. She dropped a few off to Martyn too as he also loves growing fruit and vegetables in his garden.


There are several varieties that grow really well indoors such as Romain, Iceberg and Leaf lettuce. You don’t need a large pot either as Lettuce doesn’t tend to have a large root system. Again, a good windowsill with sunlight is the perfect place to grow Lettuce.



Similarly to Lettuce, Spinach is windowsill friendly, takes up little space and takes little maintenance. I love spinach and want to give this a go so we can attempt making our own spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

Fruit Trees

Dwarf fruit trees such as Lemons, Limes, Figs, Peaches & Apricots can be grown indoors. Admittedly these take up a little more space and need a room with enough sunlight coming in. These can produce really well indoors surprisingly! Unfortunately we don’t have the space otherwise I’d have a Lemon tree growing, I love Lemons but rarely think to buy them.

Lemon Tree


Tomatoes grow quite well on a windowsill too. We grew a tomato plant a few years ago but we don’t eat them. The girls did try them though and we gave them to a friend who really enjoyed them.


Carrots will need a slightly deeper pot to grow in, however, they do grow quite well indoors. We’ve grown these both indoors and outdoors and the taste difference to shop bought is amazing.


Mushrooms like dark places so growing them indoors is ideal! You can buy some fantastic kits which I’m planning to do myself at some point. I’m the only one that likes mushrooms though.

There are plenty of other fruits and vegetables that grow well indoors and we intend to discover a few more while we are in a flat.

Have you grown fruit and vegetables indoors before?

Crocheted Jesus, Donkey And Grumpy Care Bear

I’ve Crocheted Jesus, his faithful Donkey (as Eva calls him) and a Grumpy Care Bear over the last month. I’m now so close to completing my 10 Crochet Projects for 2019! With just Dobby (who I’ve started), a blanket and an aeroplane left to make.

Crocheted Jesus, Donkey And Grumpy Care Bear

Crocheted Jesus

I really enjoyed making a crocheted Jesus for Martyn, I learnt several things whilst crocheting him. This is one of the first patterns I’ve followed where I’ve had to try out the popcorn stitch. It turns out this stitch is really simple and great for making toes! You can find the pattern here if you’d like to try it too.

Using Popcorn stitch for toes

I also learnt the weft method for creating Jesus’ hair. This is a fairly simple process but takes a little time. Once all strands are split, you can then use an iron or straighteners to smooth out the kinks.

Weft Method

I was impressed with how quickly Jesus came together to be honest. He looked fairly tricky but it didn’t take long. I added some craft wire inside his arms, legs and body so Martyn has a poseable Jesus haha!

Crocheted Jesus


Next up was a Donkey, again for Martyn, after all, Jesus needs his faithful donkey (according to Eva!). This pattern was really simple and I didn’t stress at all over this make.

Donkey Head

Crocheting the donkey gave me a little confidence boost. It wasn’t that long ago I could barely hold a hook correctly and now I can make a perfect little donkey head!

Crocheted Donkey

I think Donkey turned out pretty well for a first attempt. I can see one or two small tweaks I could make but overall, I am really happy with him! His tail is pretty cool too.

Crocheted Donkey Side on

Grumpy Care Bear

It’s safe to say Grumpy Care Bear has been one of my biggest challenges yet. The pattern didn’t quite seem to match up, I’m not sure if I was reading it wrong and unfortunately the pattern seller hasn’t replied. I decided to try a few changes and managed to work it out in the end.

Crocheted Grumpy Care Bear

I don’t get on too well when it comes to cutting and sticking felt or sewing details on. What looked like lovely hearts and raindrops ended up looking a little blob-like. Sewing is definitely not my forte but I am determined to improve with time.

Crocheted Grumpy care Bear

Poor Grumpy Care Bear looks a little traumatised, he’s obviously seen things no Care Bear should ever see! Whilst the detail was a bit of a fail, I’m pleased he at least looks like a bear. I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Whilst Grumpy was a little tricky, I’m still really enjoying all these crochet projects! I currently have Dobby’s head and body made and a few other projects I’ll share soon as my list has extended quite a bit. My yarn stash has grown quite rapidly so I should be able to keep myself busy.

Have you crocheted anything lately? What do you think of my latest makes?