Emoji App And Mixed Emotions Collection From Jelly Belly

The Emoji App has just been launched by Jelly Belly and is available for free download from the App Store & Google Play Store. The new Jelly Belly Emoji app lets you communicate with your food, expressing yourself through Jelly Belly Stickers.

Emoji App

Emoji App

Emojis are everywhere on social media and I know this fun app will prove popular, especially with Jelly Belly fans. I have to admit I like the idea of this fun new app. The girls and I love trying out new apps as they launch especially when they have fun themes like this. Jelly Belly is well known for their delicious jelly beans of every flavour and now you can send them as stickers too!

The new Jelly Belly Emoji app lets you share Jelly Belly stickers through text messages and social media. The Emoji app is completely ad-free with no annoying adds stopping your fun. Using a slider you can change the size of each sticker you send.  

Emoji App - Jelly Belly

The Jelly Belly Emoji App is inspired by the Mixed Emotions™ Collection which consists of five flavours of Jelly Belly® jelly beans paired with an emotion. With this fun app, you can use the 5 emotions to create Mixed Emotions recipes using a combination of emotions associated with universal experiences.

Using these combinations you can choose from 45 branded Jelly Belly stickers including Mixed Emotions faces and favourite flavours of Jelly Belly jelly beans. The 5 emotions are Happy, Angry, Playful, Sad and Love. Combining these emotions can create a several Mixed Emotions recipes such as 1 Happy + 1 Playful = Summer Holiday.

Mixed Emotions Combinations

Mixed Emotions Collection

Whether you’re having a happy day or an angry one, there is a Jelly Belly® jelly bean for everyone in the new Mixed Emotions Collection. Traditionally Jelly Belly is stamped in white on each jelly bean but Mixed Emotions flavours are matched with feelings instead. The Mixed Emotions Collection five flavours available this August include:

·         Happy tastes like refreshing Lemon on a sunny day

·         Playful teases the taste buds with Sour Apple

·         Angry sears like Hot Cinnamon

·         Sad envelops you in Berry Blue

·         Love warms the soul with Bubble Gum


The Mixed Emotions collection launches with a variety of packages, including snackable and shareable bags. These are available at https://www.jellybelly.co.uk/stockists.

Jelly Belly jelly beans are certified OU kosher, vegetarian, and free from gelatin, gluten, fat and dairy.



Clouds & Roses – My Sunday Photo

I’ve captured Clouds & Roses for My Sunday Photo this week after missing out for a few weeks. With my LG G4 breaking and using a Samsung S5 I began to get frustrated with my photo’s and lost interest. That is until the Mr decided to surprise me with a lovely Purple Camera! Having 20.2MP to play with again has sparked that interest again. I’m sure I’ll share more about my Canon Ixus 285HS at some point too. I love anything new to play with but so far have stuck to auto settings.

Clouds - My Sunday Photo

Anyway, back to clouds & roses ! Over the week I have been taking different shots from the flat. Knowing how my usual low quality pictures come out any improvement was a bonus but this new camera picks up a lot more detail! I love how these photo’s of clouds came out, all taken at different points across the week.

Clouds & Roses

As for the Roses, I have played around with the editing slightly after taking the photo’s and really like these two shots.

Pink Rose

My editing skills are quite poor but I like how these turned out. I’m now considering paying a bit more attention to my photography and hopefully keep improving!


I love how clear the colours are compared to my previous photo’s. With a bit of time and some setting adjustments I am sure this camera will keep me snap happy for quite some time! I am just hoping the weather starts warming up again soon for walks with my camera and the girls. We have some lovely parks here that I think I can capture much better than I have before with the Ixus. The fact it’s purple too is obviously a bonus haha 😉

What do you think of my Clouds & Roses shots using my new camera? Which photo is your favourite?



Personalised Superhero Party Pack From Personalised Parties

I received a Personalised Superhero Party pack from Personalised Parties for a party of 8. Knowing Martyn & Hannah were having a small joint party for William and Alfie’s birthday’s during half term I figured I could help find some fun extra’s. This fantastic personalised superhero party pack was bound to add a little colour to the table!

Personalised Superhero Party

Personalised Superhero Party Pack

This fantastic pack is available for £34.99 (+ £3.95 P&P) and contains:

  • x16 PERSONALISED FOOD FLAGS (x8 each of two different flag designs).

The party boxes pop together easily with tabs numbered 1 to 4 on the bottom. These boxes are sturdy with carry handles for party guests to take home. You can’t fail to forget whose super(hero) party it is with these fab personalised superhero party boxes.


The party hats are also easy to assemble with tabs and are supplied with string. We loved the idea of using these party hats as chip cones too!


Ordering a personalising a party pack from Personalised Parties is quick simple. Select the pack you want then decide on what you want written with 21 character spaces. Even if you mess this up like me and put the wrong child’s name (Yes, I totally did that haha!) there is still time to change the order with a quick email. You can select which font and font colour you would like too before going through to your cart. Once you are in the shopping cart you can change the pack quantity you want to order before paying. Delivery takes up to 10 days so make sure you order in time.

Party Time

Personalised parties have you covered for anything else you may need to throw the perfect party too. From party signage, invites, gifts and more with a range of designs you are spoilt for choice. After my epic name fail it shows the swift response and customer service by PersonalisedParties.com too!

Do you know someone who would love a personalised superhero party?



Chinese New Year Resources From Mrs Mactivity

Looking for fun Chinese New Year Resources to keep the kids busy? We love finding sites for new resources to us at home, especially during half term to stop the boredom.

Mrs Mactivity

Mrs Mactivity is a freshly launched resource site for parents and teachers in its early stages. Having left teaching due to the high workload and stresses and strains Mrs Mactivity decided to devote her time and energy helping teachers who are in the same position she was as a teacher. Knowing parents can find it difficult to know how to help their children at home too Mrs Mactivity was created. Free membership is available with limited access to resources, as you can see below there is also a Trial package or a 12-month package. At just £9.97 for a full year of access, this is an affordable site for resources to use.

Mrs Mactivity Pricing

Chinese New Year Resources

With the Chinese New Year approaching I looked through the categories to see what was currently available on Mrs Mactivity’s site for something to do. This Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dog. Each year it changes, I was born in the year of the horse! 


Mindfulness Colouring

We came across these fantastic Year of the Dog Mindfulness colouring pages which both girls wanted to colour first. Children love colouring in and it is such a calming activity to do. We quickly got a few sheets printed off to colour in.

Chinese New Year Colouring & Word Trace

Next, we printed out Chinese New Year animals with traceable names finished with Happy New Year in Chinese. Izzy loved these as we have been practising writing for a while now, she can do most of the alphabet with a little reminder and these sheets are fab. She kept quiet colouring and writing for almost an hour!

Chinese New Year Resources From Mrs Mactivity



Dot to Dot Activities

Eva loves dot to dot activities so we ask Mrs Mactivity if she could create some for the Chinese New Year. As you can see these turned out great and kept Eva happily busy this morning. Being KS2 Eva found the sheets Izzy loved a little too ‘babyish’ but these dot to dot activities were right up her street. She was over the moon her suggestion had been taken on board and a brand new Chinese New Year resource was created.

STEM Activities

There’s a fab page full of STEM Chinese New Year Resources which the girls loved! All the activities are simple to make without instructions. Most involve Lego which the girls really enjoy including the Great Wall of China & Pagodas. We love the idea of the egg box Chinese dragon, we will be giving that a go over the weekend when we finish out Mount Merapi make!

Do you love these Chinese New Year Resources as much as we do? Make sure to check out Mrs Mactivity as it grows to find new and fun resources for children.

DIY Daddy

Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics – Book Review

We received Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics (RRP £8.99) to review. Written by Gemma Coles, this colourful children’s book is inspired by relatable real life class experiences. Izzy loves showing off her ‘yoga’ so I knew she would love this book, Eva also has an interest in gymnastics. We sat down together to find out more about Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack when they joined gymnastics for the first time.

Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics

Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics

The illustrations by Anthony Charles are simple but effective and the girls found them really fun to look at as we read the story. Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack are superstar gymnastics but the book takes us back to their very first lesson. As most children are when starting a new class, Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack were very nervous.

Feeling Nervous

The other children quickly show their excitement at having new classmates and introduce themselves to Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack. As each child showed off their gymnastic skills Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack still Felt nervous. They soon joined in though with lots of encouragement from coach Gemma Gym. In no time at all they were having so much fun they both forgot to be nervous.

Having Fun

Bendy Wendy and Jumping Jack soon realise they have special talents of their own just like the rest of their new classmates. They become superstar gymnastics and love going to their gymnastic class each week and learning new skills.

Joining In

The girls really loved this story with its fun illustrations and cool gymnastics throughout. There are so many positive messages throughout the book and I love how encouraging it is for children. Whilst it is about gymnastics the same worries apply to all new situation for children and adults alike.


Head Over Heels About Gymnastics

Head over heels about gymnastics also offer a tutorial DVD or App and a book containing everything you need to know about developing a range of essential gymnastics skills. Head over to their website to find out more!


Purple Canon Ixus 285HS – My New Favourite Toy!

I got a Purple Canon Ixus 285HS for me last week and I am so happy with it! I had no idea what he was buying but he made sure to wind me up especially by telling Martyn who of course enjoyed winding me up until it arrived too.

Purple Ixus Camera Case


I had previously been looking at the Ixus 185 as I struggle carrying my DSLR around with me. I wanted something light weight, which I had discussed with the Mr a few weeks beforehand without realising what he was up to! The Canon Ixus 285HS is sleep and light-weight, I can carry it in my coat pocket and take it everywhere with me.

Canon Ixus 285HS


My old camera is quite old and without my LGG4, which died again, I slowly stopped taking pictures. I stopped joining in with #MySundayPhoto because it didn’t seem worth it. Now I am excited to take photo’s again and can’t wait to see what I capture this year.

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS

Not only is the Canon Ixus 285HS PURPLE but it also has 20.2mp. Because it has high sensitivity it is perfect for low-light shots. Being in the flat most of the time it can be difficult getting the lighting right. With the Canon Ixus 285HS I have saved so much time taking blog photo’s.

Canon Ixus 285HS on tripod

With 12x Optical Zoom I can take some pretty cool photo’s from up. Setting up my tripid I can get some great shots looking out at London at night! The other thing I love about the Canon Ixus 285HS is the fact I can transfer photo’s to other devices thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity. Great for blogging on the go! The app is great too, I can control the camera from my phone and use it as a live web cam.

I am still learning the settings and looking up online photography courses I can do to learn more too. The gorgeous Purple Canon Ixus 285HS is definitely my new favourite toy!

Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Toothpaste From White Glo

I received a Charcoal deep stain remover toothpaste from White Glo. Australia’s leading toothpaste & teeth whitening brand, White Glo just launched their toothpaste in the UK. White Glo was first established in 1993 and was the first company to introduce teeth whitening products to the Australian market. Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Toothpaste From White Glo

Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Toothpaste

The Charcoal Deep Stain Remover toothpaste draws out stubborn stains. It also fights bad breath and detoxifies the mouth using activated charcoal particles. The highly absorbent technology traps colour particles, fights bad breath and whitens the enamel.

White Glo’s dental expert, Jordan Kirk said:

“There has been an increased demand for professional teeth whitening products in the UK, with a particular demand for activated charcoal. We have launched a deep stain removal charcoal toothpaste which offers superior cleaning and genuine results at an affordable price.

White Glo’s low-abrasion formula safely whitens teeth, protects against cavities and leave your mouth feeling clean. The team of dentists at White Glo are dedicated to improving overall oral health. Each pack also comes with a Flosser toothbrush and Dental Flosser Toothpicks. All for one price, that is pretty impressive!

Each pack costs just £4.99 making it an affordable way to look after your overall teeth and gum health. You can find this fab Charcoal Deep stain Remover Toothpaste in Boots, Asda & Tesco stores around the UK.

My Thoughts

As a smoker and after years of ED’s & HG I am always on the look out for a good toothpaste. I have been trying different ones for the last few years to try and improve my dental hygiene. Even with my awful teeth there was an immediate improvement.

I hadn’t realised how hard my usual brush was either until I used the Flosser toothbrush. The Dental Flosser Toothpicks are sturdy and so handy! Overall I quite like the Charcoal Deep Stain Remover Toothpaste From White Glo, especially as it comes with everything you need in one pack.

Rustic Purple Flower Pen From Rustic By Marney

I received a Rustic Purple Flower Pen from Rustic By Marney for me to review. You may have read Melissa Marney’s guest post I shared yesterday – How Creativity helps me manage my anxiety and depression. Many of us craft as a way to manage our mental health like Melissa does. Crafting is extremely therapeutic and benefits ourselves and often others too with our gorgeous creations.

Rustic Purple Flower Pen From Rustic By Marney

Rustic By Marney

Melissa creates beautiful rustic wedding stationary and gifts for her, hand making each beautiful rustic piece. I enjoy sharing products I love from small businesses where I can, especially when they make stunning products like this. As mentioned in Melissa’s guest post yesterday, she found it difficult to find exactly what she wanted for her own wedding when it came to stationary. She had always put herself down when it came to crafting but Rustic by Marney was born after realising she had a talent.

Rustic by Marney

Rustic Purple Flower Pen

The beautiful rustic purple flower pen I received is gorgeously hand crafted. I love how the pen is gorgeously wrapped and finished with a pretty flower on top. It looks so pretty, both my girls have tried to ‘borrow’ it several times already! I love the shade of purple used giving it that rustic feel.

Rustic By Marney

Rustic Flower Pens come in a range of colours for £6.99. The rustic pens makes a lovely simple gift for her, a treat to brighten up your desk or as wedding stationary. Don’t forget to check out Rustic By Marney over on Facebook & Twitter to get in touch or see her other products. Feel free to send her a message if you have a rustic idea to run by her too, she may just have the perfect idea.

What do you think of these Rustic Flower Pens? Would you like one as a gift or for your wedding stationary? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Mudpie Fridays

Rustic By Marney – How creativity helps me manage my anxiety and depression

Rustic By Marney was set up by Melissa Marney who crafts the most beautiful pens! Like many of us Melissa suffers anxiety and depression but found crafting and letting her creativity flow very therapeutic. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and images of a gorgeous purple flower pen she made for me, on the blog tomorrow! Keep an eye out! Until then here is Melissa’s story in her own words.

Rustic By Marney – How creativity helps me manage my anxiety and depression

Looking back on my childhood I now realise that I’ve always suffered with anxiety and depression. At the time I didn’t know anything about mental health issues, and I just thought it was normal behaviour and everyone felt the same way, but I just struggled more with my emotions. I covered my emotions and symptoms well, and looking back had a number of coping strategies, which I wasn’t aware were helping me, to cope at the time.


My favourite hobby when I was younger was ballet. I used to attend two classes a week and looking back now it was a way to shut my mind off, detach myself from uncomfortable feelings and emotions and silence those scary, intrusive thoughts.

As the years went on and I grew older I stopped dancing and didn’t replace this with another hobby. Having nothing to focus my energy on, my negative thoughts became louder and more uncomfortable and my symptoms worsened. Dealing with day to day life – working, paying the bills, maintaining relationships etc. It all became so consuming, and I knew something wasn’t right at the time but tried my best to conceal it (and I did a fantastic job at it!). I didn’t want anyone to know how I was truly feeling or that I was struggling to cope. There were times where I just wanted to scream out for help, but always remained silent and carried on with life.

Shutting Down

It wasn’t until a year ago, Steve and I got married in Cyprus, (which was the best day of our lives, very cliché, I know!) things changed. I pretty much arranged the whole wedding myself and in the lead up to it was unaware of how much stress I was putting myself under. Having perfectionist tendencies I wanted everything to go well, and was deeply involved with the all or nothing thinking. I also wanted to ensure everyone was happy and was having a good time.

While I was busy thinking about everyone else and my ‘perfect’ day I neglected my own needs my health was suffering as a consequence. When Steve and I returned from our wedding I didn’t feel myself at all. I put it all down to the ‘come down’ from the high I had been on the past few weeks. Nevertheless, I powered on and tried to get back into the real world. Unfortunately my mind and body had other plans. Two weeks later I had a breakdown, I completely shut down physically and mentally, I became an empty shell, I was just existing and not living. I knew things weren’t right and something had to change.


It took me a while to accept what was happening. It took approximately six months to dig myself out of that ‘hole’ and get myself back on the right track. I’m still in recovery now, but having the right support, and a change in my thinking and attitude has helped me to accept it’s now just a part of me, and adjust to living with anxiety and depression.

During my recovery I found a new love in crafting. Throughout the years I’ve always told myself I’m rubbish at arts and crafts, I can’t do it and I believed it! It wasn’t until I started crafting my own place cards, guest book pens and jars for my own wedding where I realised this was all total rubbish! Silencing that negative voice in my head was a great victory.

Crafting To Cope

I’ve always been ambitious and dreamt of owning my own little business, and finding a purpose in life. During my breakdown Steve had mentioned to me about crafting again, however at the time I didn’t have the energy. As I slowly started getting better I took his advice and I started making my flower pens again. Slowly in time my passion and creativity started coming back, I was starting to feel my bubbly, confident self again. Crafting has been my biggest inspiration and I truly believe it has helped me cope over the past few months. Crafting has refocused my attention and reignited my passion.

Now whenever I feel anxious or have a bad day, however hard it is I grab all my crafting gear, sit down and get stuck in. I’ve found crafting extremely therapeutic and a way to ‘shut off’ from the stressors in the world. Turning my hobby into a business has given me great comfort as I now believe in myself. Having a passion in crafting and weddings, and combining the two is the perfect combination and therapy for me! There’s also that extra bonus of helping other brides have the best day of their lives. When they do then my mission is accomplished!

I recently saw the quote below which sums up my whole experience and filled me with comfort:

 Rustic By Marney - How Creativity Helps Me Manage Anxiety & Depression

Rustic by Marney can be found over on Facebook & Twitter. Whilst she does focus on weddings her gorgeous pens will brighten up any desk. You can find out more about Rustic by Marney and see the gorgeous pen she sent me too!

Do you find crafting therapeutic too?

Burnished Chaos

Izzy’s Photo Corner – Week One

Izzy’s photo corner is a new series Izzy has come up with and asked me to share on the blog. Watching mummy take blog pictures means she wants to do the same. In fact, she got quite tearful insisting she needed her own blog! That may have more to do with the fact she is slightly jealous of my new camera but if she has an interest in photography and wants to share her shots then why not?

Eva has also decided she would like to write a little bit here and there and share it too so keep an eye out for that! It has been quite some time since their favourite books this week posts so it will be interesting to see what they have to share.

Izzy’s Photo Corner

Izzy's Photo Corner

We compromised and came up with Izzy’s photo Corner where she hopes to share pictures she has taken across the week. I have to admit she is probably better than me when it comes to selfies, especially for a 3-year-old. I guess this cheeky one is for getting her own way and a spot on mummy’s blog!

No Need To Be So Negative!

So looking through her camera roll she picked out her 3 favourite images. The first one is of Eva with a negative filter. My twitter followers may remember me tweeting when she took this picture haha!


The Fishes Are My Friends

The fish tank has been capturing Izzy’s attention since she was weeks old. She loves talking to them and showing them off so its no surprise she had a photo lined up! She thinks the sepia filter works best for fish tank shots, I love that she is exploring the filters.

Goldfish in the fish tank with a small snail on the floor of the tank

Finding Snails

Izzy loves watching the snails move about the tank and looking out for the babies hiding too! A good reminder we should really replace the wood with that amount of eggs. I quite like this shot and love that she has stuck with sepia again. 

Snail Under The Wood


So these are Izzy’s photo corner picks for this week. She hopes you all like them!

DIY Daddy
Burnished Chaos