Who am I?

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to have a look around.

Your probably wondering who I am if you’ve come to this page.

Well, I’m Ember, a 26 year old living in Essex, absolutely in love and addicted to purple, slightly crazy and drinks far too many can of Relentless at times.

Being a mum of 2 girls (Eva – 6 & Izzy 2) I am always on the look out for cheap bargains or items really worth investing in for them whether its toys, learning aids, craft kits, clothes, books, films, furniture or other random items. I love sharing my bargains and the blog and working with businesses to share discounts & bargain deals with you all!

On the note of crafts I love knitting & crochet, although I am very much a beginner so feel free to send any of you WIP’s or Patterns my way 😉

I’m also a bit of a tech geek.. I’m not your super duper hacky tech geek though just a regular hand me the new phone/tablet and ill have it up and running and figured out in minutes kinda geek that explains things in a simple but rambly way. (I’m not sure ‘rambly’ is a word but it should be!). I sometimes test other gadgets too.

I am PR friendly and we love testing good food and drink too and have already had a chance to review a scrummy Baker days cake amongst other things & we are always happy to try out something new.

I don’t get out much so it’s also nice to connect with other bloggers and read what they have to share too. I suffer from Chronic back pain, Anxiety & Depression and have found it really helpful connecting with other #Spoonies. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone and someone somewhere truly does understand how you feel.

If you enjoy my ramblings or find my posts helpful feel free to follow, share, or leave a comment and drop me a link to check out your blog too 🙂

If you’d like to work with me please visit my Get In Touch page 🙂

Thanks for popping by!