Living Room Makeover For The New Year

A living room makeover is our focus for the new year to make our living room a little cosier. Over the last 4 years since we moved in there has been several changes made to our living room but I am still not happy. We had a refit of our toilet, bathroom and kitchen a year or so ago. That side of the flat looks much better but now need we need to update the other half of the flat too.

Living Room Makeover – Choosing A Sofa

The first thing I want to replace as part of our living room makeover is our sofa. We bought a cheap temporary replacement last year but we need something sturdier and a lot comfier! I love sitting in the corner as I feel much more supported so it has to be a corner sofa. My back makes me sit at strange angles so I need a sofa that has thicker cushions than what we currently have too.

Corner Sofa’s

Fishpools have some fantastic fabric corner sofa’s which I have been looking through. They have so many options available perfect for any living room makeover! I prefer fabric to leather as it is warmer in the cold months and you don’t stick in the summer! I want a sofa that is big and comfortable for us all to snuggle up on and watch films but I also want something that looks smart. Fishpools have some lovely sofa’s to choose from so I have been checking out their corner sofas.

Living Room Makeover - Fishpools Hollywood Corner

I love this Hollywood Corner sofa, it looks stylish whilst still being a comfortable sofa. There are several options for this sofa and additional products such as foot stools. We have the corner on the right when buying a new sofa because of how our living room sits. The cushions are foam-filled with a fibre topper for maximum comfort which sounds perfect for me! I would definitely get the pillow back option for comfort too.

Décor Ideas

If I had a sofa like that I think the rest of the décor would fall into place much better. I still need to decide on paints but think this would look lovely with deep purple and cream walls. I think I will carry on moving over to black wooded furniture too, it does get dusty quick but it looks much nicer!

What do you think of the Hollywood Corner Sofa? Are you having a living room makeover for the new year?

Watering Globes Giveaway & Review – Plantpal

This week we have a Plantpal watering globes giveaway having received a large set of 3 to review. These watering globes automatically water your plants for up to 2 weeks. A great idea for keeping plants watered whilst on holiday. We have been trying out the Plantpal watering globes over the last few days. It is interesting to see how steadily the water leaves the globe. The watering globes really give you confidence your plants are being watered correctly.

watering globes giveaway

Watering Globes

Plantpal watering globes are suitable for year round use. They prevent over watering during winter and under watering in the summer. This makes plants healthier and stronger as well as growing twice as much as normal watering. The globes contain an intelligent patent pending control moisture sensor that doesn’t require batteries. It’s always nice not having to rely on batteries for everything as they often run out when you least expect it. There is no risk of that with the globes, as long as you follow the instructions correctly these watering globes are reusable too.

Plantpal instructions

The globes are easy to fill and have a separate water control spike which eliminates soil clogging up the globe, a common issue in other watering globes. The capillary wicks need to be moistened thoroughly in a glass of water before using. It is so easy to use and fill the Plantpal watering globes. These fantastic watering globes make great gifts for plant keepers that will last for years.

Plantpal watering globes

Watering Globes Giveaway


If these sound ideal for you or someone you know then enter the 3 Large Plantpal Watering Globe giveaway below. Don’t forget to check other giveaways currently running too!


What do you think of the Plantpal Watering Globes? Are you entering the Plantpal watering globes giveaway for yourself or hoping to win for a plant loving friend?

Cleaner Teeth With Splat Professional Oral Care

You can have cleaner teeth with splat professional oral care who ethically and scientifically develop and manufacture professional oral care for the whole family. We were sent some samples to try out for ourselves and the girls. Splat Oral care have a wide range of products available with natural and effective ingredients.

Splat Oral Care

We were sent a selection of Splat Oral Care products to try for ourselves. The girls recieved some really funky flavours which they were excited to try.

Childrens Toothpastes


6-11 Years

Eva recieved the So’Natural Bubble Gum Toothpaste for Kids aged 6-11 years. The bubble gum flavoured paste is 98% Natural and free from fluoride. It protects against cavities and dental plaque. Also intensively strengthening enamel with calcium hydroxyapatite this is a great toothpaste for kids. Protecting gums too these natural toothpastes are great for healthier, cleaner teeth.


2-6 Years

Izzy recieved the kids 2-6years Fruity Ice Cream flavoured toothpaste. Splat Kids natural toothpaste offers protection from tooth decay thanks to grape seed extract and Luctatol system. It strengthens enamel using calcium hydroxyapatite. These toothpastes are completely safe if accidentally swallowed. It is also free from mint, fluoride parabens, SLS/SLES petrochemicals and allergens.

Children Of All Ages

The girls also recieved the new Juicy chocolate flavoured toothpaste to share between them as it is suitabe for all ages. Not only is the chocolatey toothpaste delicious but it strengthens enamel with calcium hydroxyapatite too. It is safe if accidentally swallowed and deeply restores and strengthens dental tissue effectively and protects against cavities and soft dental plaque.

Adult Toothpastes

The Bio calcium Sensitivity/Enamel strengthening toothpaste, thanks to Hydroxyapatite and bioactive Calcis derived from egg shell, this natural toothpaste re-mineralises the enamel. Great for reducing hypersensitivity whilst gently whitening due to the SP white system.

Cleaner Teeth - Biocalcium

Cleaner Teeth

Blackwood whitening & fresh breath toothpaste contains activated birch charcoal which absorbs odors and stains for cleaner teeth. Thanks to juniper berries, Biosol and stevia extracts it also protefts against bacteria whilst being free from flouride.

The White Plus daily use toothpaste safely and gently whitens and protects enamel. The White Plus daily use is suitable for sensitive teeth and contains fluoride.


What do you think of the this Natural range of Oral care products for Cleaner Teeth?

Aerolatte Milk Frother Review

The Aerolatte Milk Frother comes with its own storage tube for £9.94 on Amazon. I received the Aerolatte Milk Frother to see what I thought about it myself. I love hot chocolate and it is most definitely the right season so I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Aerolatte Milk Frother

Aerolatte Milk Frother

The Aerolatte Milk Frother is a hand-held, battery-operated device (comes with batteries) is designed to produce perfect frothy milk in under 20 seconds. The Aerolatte Frother can be used to froth all types of milk, including soya, rice, almond, coconut, UHT and powdered (as well as single cream). The spiral whisking head and shaft are made from robust, food-approved, 18/8 stainless steel and comes with a 2 year guarantee. 

Emma from CookBakeEat recently did a round up of the 7 Best Milk Frothers For Coffee including the Aerolatte milk frother too. She listed all the pros and cons for each Milk Frother and compared them. I agree that the milk spills easily, the first time I used the Aerolatte milk frother it spilt everywhere. You do need to hold on tightly as the Aerolatte is rather powerful. If it heated the milk at the same time it would definitely be a bonus.  However it may not be as useful for whisking eggs, sauces, soups, custards and salad dressings if it heated too.

The Aerolatte is ideal in the kitchen as it can be used to froth all types of milk, perfect for anyone with allergies. I think that is definitely a huge advantage. I will definitely be using the Aerolatte regularly to froth the milk for hot chocolate. It can also be used for whisking other foods making it a handy gadget to have in the kitchen.

For under £10 I think the Aerolatte Milk Frother is reasonably priced and works well enough. I would definitely recommend holding the Aerolatte tightly when frothing milk as it is quite powerful. Overall I think this is a great Milk Frother and well worth the money.

Do you have a Milk Frother? Does the Aerolatte sound like something you would find useful too?

Beautiful Diary From Ryman Stationary

I received a beautiful Diary from Ryman Stationary to help me stay organised throughout 2018. I love diaries and notebooks and stationary of all kinds so I was over the moon to receive a new diary. Ryman Stationary have a lovely range of diaries for 2018 including the one I received.

Beautiful Diary From Ryman Stationary

Beautiful Diary Perfect For Bloggers

This Rose Gold Butterfly Page A Day A5 2018 Diary is gorgeous and just £10.99. Designed exclusively for Ryman this beautiful diary would make a perfect Christmas gift, especially for a blogger. This is such a beautiful diary with shimmering rose gold butterflies on a beautiful floral background and a handy ribbon to mark the page you need.

As a blogger it is always handy to have a diary nearby and the rose gold butterfly diary looks lovely sat on my desk. Some of you may have noticed from my Twitter header I love butterflies and with a purple rose too I am a little bit in love with this diary. I won’t lie I am secret wishing January to hurry up now just so I can start using it!

2018 Day a page diary

Useful Information

There are also several other handy pages including:

  • 2017, 2018 & 2019 Calendars
  • Contact Details
  • Metric information
  • Conversion charts
  • Clothing sizes
  • Temperatures
  • Paper sizes
  • Tyre Pressure
  • International Information
  • 2018 Holidays and Notable dates
  • Sunrises & Sunsets 2018
  • Phases of the Moon 2018
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Notes
  • Accounts 2018

This beautiful diary from Ryman Stationary will be going everywhere with me in 2018. A page a day diary is great for me as I need the space to note down literally everything. Having things like reference pages, telephone numbers, important dates and times all in one place will be so helpful. Hopefully it will mean I am a little more organised in 2018!

What do you think of this rose gold butterfly diary? Do you prefer page a day diaries too?


Upcycling Projects – Zacsmart Honey Pine Collection

I have 2 upcycling projects from Zacsmart that I am absolutely in love with! Their Honey Pine finished products are designed so they can be left as they are or upcycled. These make perfect gifts for crafters or perfect for crafters wanting to upcycle and personalise their gifts.

upcycling projects

Honey Pine Gifts

I received a fantastic Honey Pine Wooden Cantilever Sewing Box/Storage Box and a small Trinket Box which are gorgeous. The Cantilever sewing/storage box (£24.75) is ideal for storing bits and pieces like needles, thimbles & threads.

It is portable with a nice chunky carrying handle and 5 storage compartments. The sliding lids have been designed to act as a handy shelf to put things on too.

The Cantilever sewing box is great with all its compartments. I quite like how the Honey Pine Cantilever sewing box looks already so I think I will leave it as it is until I can think of a better plan!


Upcycling Projects

The small trinket box is £6.30 and the size is (approx.): 5.5cmH x 13cmD x 18cmW. This little trinket box is perfect for storing all sorts of little bits and pieces. Receiving it reminded me the girls have an overflow of jewellery at the moment. This instantly gave me an idea to make the small trinket box one of my first upcycling projects.
Small Trinket Box in Honey Pine Finish

First I decided to paint the trinket box using a pink satin finish spray paint we had previously bought to match the pink in the girls bedroom. The paint dried really well and looked lovely with a satin finish. The Mr had helped me tape off the catch and hinges to minimise clean up at the end.

Upcycling Projects

Using pink and purple fuzzy letters I added ‘Princess’ to the top along with a crown, key and some jewels. I think it turned out quite nice and will look lovely in the girls bedroom.

Do you love upcycling projects? Can you think of someone who you could upcycle one of these products for as a gift?


Family Games For Christmas – Randomise

Family games are something I am trying to encourage more of now the girls are older, reviewing Randomise seemed a good way of doing that, especially for Eva. You can buy Randomise on Amazon for £11.99. I found some great family games taking part in the #SDFiverChallenge and want to stock up on some more fab games too. Randomise is a family game suitable from 8 to 80 years and for 4 to 40 players.

Family games for christmas - Randomise

How To Play

4 of more players are needed, players are then split into two teams with someone picked to keep score. Each team is given a scoring and timing card and any blank cards that haven’t been written on are removed from the pack before shuffling.

The person keeping score gets to start with teams alternating every each turn. The idea of the game is to declare if you will be picking an easy or hard challenge and whether you are going to describe, act of draw your identity. You then pick a card from each pile (A, B & C) and try to describe, act or draw your way to victory.



‘A’ cards are description cards such as hairy, sweaty & angry.

‘B’ cards tell you what you are such as a caveman, jellyfish or astronaut.

‘C’ cards tell you what you are doing such as Baking a cake, surfing or smashing plates!

Cards A, B & C

Turn Times

If you have chosen to describe your identity you have 30 seconds to communicate without using the words on your cards, rhyming words or letters to give clues.

60 seconds are given if you choose to act out your identity without making any noises, pointing or using props.

For drawing your identity you have 90 seconds to communicate the phrase without drawing any letters or numbers.

Your team can make as many guesses as they like whilst you communicate your identity with the aim to discover your identity before your time is up.


All Levels – 1 point for every successful guess from your team.

Easy – 1 point if your team shouts your full identity before your turn is up.

Hard – 3 points when your team correctly shouts your full identity.

Stealing points – If your team doesn’t guess your full identity before the time is up the opposite team can steal your points if they can guess your full identity correctly in one guess. (1 or 3 points depending on difficulty)

To Win – The first team to reach 30 points claims victory!

There are also alternative gameplays in the rules for you to try out too!

Our Thoughts

We love Randomise! It really gets you thinking about how to act/describe/draw your full identity so your team members can guess correctly. Eva really enjoyed Randomise and said she would love more family games like this. I think this will be a fun family game to pull out over the Christmas period to keep everyone entertained. There are so many combinations and we love the fact we can add to blank cards. We love the silliness of the identities too, it is so much fun to play!

Family games are a great way of entertaining everyone, do you like the sound of Randomise? What is your favourite family game?

Creating Simple Logo’s With LogoJoy

I’ve been creating simple logos with Logojoy who offer a logo designer with a range of packages available. Logojoy would have been perfect when I first started blogging! Trying to find a quick & simple way to create a logo for the blog was quite difficult. I wanted something that stood out whilst being simple & purple (of course!).

creating simple logos

Creating Simple Logos

Logojoy’s logo generator comes with plenty of fonts, colours, designs, layouts & logo’s. When you land on their homepage you asked for your company name to get started. You are then given a page of logos where you are asked to like at least 5 or more you like.

Pick 5 Logos

There’s several colours to pick from next followed by the option to add a slogan. You can then pick 5 appropriate symbols for your logo. Most are quite plain compared to a lot of the colourfully illustrated logo’s I’ve seen. Whilst the options are quite plain they are perfect for a first logo.

Once you have made all your selections LogoJoy then generate several logo options for you to browse with the option to browse more & favourite those you like. You can then edit the fonts, sizing, positionings & symbols before deciding if you want to keep & download the logo.

Generated Logos

The main thing I love about Logojoy is the fact that you can edit and create logo’s for free! Only paying once you are completely happy with your choices.


Packages start at $20 for a Low resoloution image.

The premium package which I chose costs $65. This includes:

High resoloution Logo

Vector EPS & SVG Files

Transparent Background

Black/White Versions

Lifetime Phone Support

Font Names & Colours

Full Copyright Ownerships

Make Changes & Re-download

Print Ready

Brand Guidelines

Social Media Kit (Extra)

They also offer an Enterprise package for $165

This includes:

One Hour Design Time

High resoloution Logo

Vector EPS & SVG Files

Transparent Background

Black/White Versions

Lifetime Phone Support

Font Names & Colours

Full Copyright Ownerships

Make Changes & Re-download

Print Ready

Brand Guidelines

Social Media Kit


Overall I think Logojoy is a great tool for bloggers starting out who need a simple logo generator that loads quickly. Being able to save your favourite logos and go back to them and edit them in future is a great feature.

What did you use to create your logo? Have you heard of Logojoy before?

Christmas Eve Boxes From My Pocket Money Toy

We received Christmas Eve boxes From My Pocket Money Toys, filled with perfect Christmas themed gifts. My Pocket Money Toys offer a fantastic toy subscription for children and a great selection of Christmas boxes. There is a gift box for different ages, as well as different sized boxes & even boxes for adults too! We recently reviewed their fantastic Halloween Box which was full of awesome goodies and love these Christmas boxes too.

Christmas eve boxes

We received the 6-7 years Christmas Eve box which costs £30 and a Mummy Christmas eve box too which costs £15.


Christmas Eve box 6-7 years

Chocolate pizza slice

Cuddly toy

Christmas book

Festive craft


Something cosy to wear

A Toy

Belgian hot chocolate stick

Bag of reindeer food

Certificate from Santa!


Christmas eve box from My Pocket Money Toys

Eva was excited opening her Christmas eve box and loves everything that is included. She knows mummy usually gets her Christmas eve box & Santa brings her presents Christmas day so she was pleased to find she’d already made Santa’s nice list! (For helping mummy review these awesome products of course 😉 haha). Eva instantly removed the Robin from the parcel & hasn’t let go since as Robyn is her middle name.

Robin soft toy

The Mummy Christmas eve box can be for mum, dad or even grandparents! It’s a lovely little gift box to receive with everything you need for Christmas eve including the all important hot chocolate, Christmas socks, chocolate & a tree decoration.

Mummy Christmas eve box

The Mummy Box

Chocolate pizza slice

Belgian hot chocolate stick

Cosy Christmas socks

Shaggy Stag or Hairy Coo tree decoration


Mummy box from My pocket money toys

These Christmas eve boxes are great gifts for children & adults and such a reasonable price for what is included too.

Do you buy Christmas eve boxes? What do you think of the gifts included in these boxes from My Pocket Money Toy?

Burnished Chaos

Christmas Hamper From Prestige Hampers

I received a gorgeous Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers to review. I received Prestige Hampers Traditional Gift Basket which costs £64.99. A true Christmas classic the traditional gift basket in premium wicker is packed with the finest products for the recipient to enjoy.

Prestige Hampers

Prestige Hampers

Christmas Hamper

Prestige Hampers Christmas hamper is the perfect gift to send this Christmas with a selection of fine wines, treats & savoury goodies arranged neatly inside the wicker basket. To top it off the hamper was approved by Good Housekeeping 2017!

Christmas Hamper From Prestige Hampers

Water Stop Station Chardonnay 75cl
Water Stop Station Shiraz 75cl
Red Velvet Crunch Biscuits 150g
English Breakfast Tea 40g
Milk, White and Dark Chocolate Classics 120g
Shortbread Festive Shapes 60g
Matthew Walker Classic Christmas Pudding 100g
Iced Fruit Cake 400g
Dark Chocolate Bar 60g
Mackays Christmas Marmalade 113g
Mackays Christmas Preserve 113g
Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps 100g
Handmade Smoked Oatcakes 125g
Handmade Wicker Basket


This gorgeous Christmas hamper is bursting full of deliciously tasty goodies perfect for Christmas. We love the Red Velvet Crunch Biscuits & Shortbread festive shapes that go really well with the English Breakfast Tea which I shared with the girls.

There is a little bit of everything you could want treat wise over the Christmas period including 2 Water Stop Wines to wash it all down with. This is a great gift for anyone who is unsure what to buy for someone this Christmas. The lovely Handmade Wicker Basket can be kept for storing things once it is empty too.

Prestige Hampers sell a range of hampers to suit your needs & budget with something for everyone. They are fantastically priced for what is included in the hamper and I would definitely buy a hamper like this as a gift.

Have you heard of Prestige Hampers before? Do you like Christmas hampers?