Delicious Adagio Teas Review & Giveaway

Delicious Adagio Teas offer a wide selection of gourmet teas, some of which I received to review. I also have some samples and an IngenuiTEA Infuser for one lucky winner, simply enter the Rafflecoptor below.

Selection of artisan teas from Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas are hand-picked sourced from the origin, working directly with the farmers who produce them in their native countries. Coming straight from the source means Adagio Teas are brimming with far more nutrients. All of Adagio Teas are full leaf with no added sugar and all-natural flavours.

They also have a lovely herbal range for those preferring caffeine-free teas. Adagio Teas are Vegan and Gluten Free, all flavours in herbal teas are from essential oils and the traditional teas are pure leaves.


Not only do Adagio Teas offer a fine selection of artisan teas, but they also have a fantastic range of Teaware. PersonaliTEA Porcelain Small Tea Cups, Teapots & Cups with Infusers. This range comes in multiple colours & I kindly sent out purple for my review.

PersonaliTEA Purple Porcelain Range

The elegant purple 600ml ceramic teapot has a large infuser basket for loose tea. The non-drip spout is fantastic for avoiding spills and it just looks gorgeous! To finish the set the 2 matching cups are 120ml and both the teapot and cups are dishwasher safe.

The purple porcelain cup and infuser with lid has a stainless steel infuser for loose tea leaves. The lid doubles as a coaster for the infuser when it is time to remove the tea leaves. This 350ml cup is 9cm in diameter and as with the rest of the purple porcelain, dishwasher safe.

Delicious Adagio Teas

I was sent a selection of delicious Adagio Teas Samples to try including –

Tears of India & Sri Lanka 
Earl Grey Teas
Orchard Oolong Teas
Berries Teas
Orchard Herbals
Oolong Teas of China
Sweet Tooth Teas
Orchard Green Teas

Each of these sample boxes contains 4 different artisan loose leaf teas of various flavours. Each flavour is individually packaged in resealable pouches for easy storage & freshness.

Orchard Herbals - Adagio Teas Loose Leafe Teas

Along with the sample boxes we received two special collections including the Fairy Tales Pyramid Teabags andThe London Collection.

Fairy Tale Pyramid Teabags

Fairy Tales Pyramid Teabags From Adagio Teas

The girls insisted we try the Fairy Tale Pyramid Teabags first, no surprise there! This stunning collection includes ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Snow White’ & ‘Cinderella’.


A herbal tea blend to wake Sleeping Beauty from an ageless sleep. Magically created by the good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

We decided to try the Sleeping Beauty tea First, both girls had to join in so we used Izzy’s tiny Frog mug too. This collection is caffeine-free so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a caffeine-free tea that is tasty too!

Adagio Teas - Fairy Tale Pyramid Teabags - Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty tea was divine and one we all really enjoyed. The fairytale collection is amazingly delicious and the tins are lovely to keep.

Snow White

An apple tea blend to help Snow White Ward off the wicked Queen’s poisonous spell and wake with the gentle kiss from her handsome prince


A Pumpkin tea blend to transport Cinderella away from the wicked stepmother, to the Royal Ball and the attention of her Prince.

The London Collection 

The London Collection - Loose Leaf Teas

This collection of 6 different flavours are all with London based names. A selection of loose leaf teas perfect for a flavourful tea infusion. The collection includes:

  • Oxford Steep
  • Earl of Westminster
  • Covent Garden Chai
  • The Crown Jewels
  • Double Decker
  • Piccadilly Citrus. 
The London Collection - Piccadilly Citrus - Adagio Teas

IngenuiTEA Infuser

Looking for an infuser that will attach to any cup? The IngenuiTEA is the answer! Simply add your tea leaves, pour in hot water and let them steep. When you place the IngenuiTEA Infuser on top of your cup it will release a valve. This valve allows your tea to flow down into your cup whilst the mesh filter retains your leaves.

IngenuiTEA Infuser - Adagio Teas

Easy to clean and dishwashable, this fab device fits cups up to 9.5cm diameter and is BPA-free. 


Delicious Adagio Teas Review & Giveaway
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Do you love the sound of Adagio Teas?

Stylish Chairs For The Home From Sue Ryder

Looking for stylish chairs for the home? Sue Ryder’s Online shop has some brand new and exclusive products, adding a touch of elegance to your home. In line with the latest interior trends, Sue Ryder’s Online Shop has launched a range of stylish chairs. With the aim of giving you a luxurious look for less!

Sue Ryder 

Most people know Sue Ryder for the fantastic work they do and because of their high street stores. However, not many know about their fabulous Online Shop which is a gem for brand new and most importantly, affordable homewares. Most importantly, 100% of the profits are donated to help provide person-centred hospice and neurological care.

Besides offering express delivery and safe and secure payments, Sue Ryder’s dedicated online shop offers free delivery over £50, a 30-day money back guarantee and a dedicated Customer Services Team.

Stylish Chairs

Velvet Button Back Tub Chair – Purple/Grey

Stylish velvet button back tub chairs

Obviously, the first product that jumped out at me was the Purple Velvet Button Back Tub Chair for £99.99. This chair would look great in any living room or bedroom and also comes in Grey which is my second favourite colour! The velvet gives off a luxurious, unique, vibrant feel.

Pretty Pink Vanity Stool

A pretty pink chenille vanity stool with black legs will make a statement in any dressing room or bedroom, especially for just £39.99. Adding a touch of elegance and character, this stunning vanity stool will instantly create a focal point and a perfect extra added comfort.

Velvet Oyster Occasional Chair Collection

Stylish Chairs For The Home From Sue Ryder

Another stunning chair is this Velvet Oyster Occasional Chair for £79.99. A touch of luxury, style and sophistication along with much-needed comfort, these chairs are available in 4 colours. These stylish chairs with a scallop fluted back are the perfect addition to any room in the home. Available in Purple, Pink, Navy & Grey, there’s a chair for any colour scheme too.

Grey Velvet Oyster Chair

Not only can you add a touch of elegance and character to any room of your home at a reasonable price with homewares from the Sue Ryder Online Shop, but you also support those in need from the donations. Founded in 1953, Sue Ryder is a national health and social care charity providing compassionate hospice and neurological care across the UK.

Sue Ryder provides care across 7 hospices; 5 neurological care centres; community-based services and in people’s own homes.

They offer a range of personalised care, advice, education and support services in local communities to help improve the lives of individuals. These services include support for carers and families – with conditions such as cancer; heart failure; respiratory failure; dementia; acquired brain injury; multiple sclerosis; Huntington’s disease; Parkinson’s disease and Motor Neurone disease.

Inappropriate Jewellery From PNKLETTUCE

I received inappropriate jewellery from PNKLETTUCE this week! It’s no secret I love to swear, although I generally try to keep it clean for my readers. However, I thought some readers may love these completely inappropriate jewellery ranges too!

Inappropriate Jewellery From PNKLETTUCE

Inappropriate Jewellery

Already jewellery makers, requests were coming in so regular for the PNKLETTUCE team to have a favourite swear stamped on jewellery. This led them to decide to launch PNKLETTUCE. With inappropriate words as the main focus, customers can avoid awkwardly asking if something is too offensive. You can add any personalisation you like. Everything is handmade and stamped right here in Essex too!

Classy Mother Fucker Bangle

I received the Classy Mother Fucker Bangle to review.  I think it will be great for certain occasions! Sometimes you just need something a little bit sweary! The bangle comes in a lovely presentation box with a polishing cloth. For £25 this bangle comes in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver.

Classy Mother Fucker Bangle

This unisex bangle is easily stretched to the correct wrist size to fit perfectly. I have tiny wrists so I was relieved it was small enough to start with & I didn’t need to stretch it. 

Inappropriate Jewellery - Classy Mother Fucker Bangle

Ordering From PNKLETTUCE

All metals are made from the highest grade metals and are nickel free. No words are refused, you can order anything you like, they won’t be offended.

You can order any personalisation you want with 36 characters (including spaces) on bangles & cuffs. The character limit is 9 (including spaces) for rings.

Ordering from PNKLETTUCE is really easy and orders will usually be crafted in 5-6 days. During busy periods such as Christmas, this may take slightly longer though. If you have any concerns with regards to your order there’s a dedicated phone line for you to call for an update. 

Do you love inappropriate jewellery? 

Free-From Baking With SweetPea Pantry

We were sent free-from baking kits from Sweetpea Pantry to try! We were sent out the gorgeous super oat & flax Flapjack & Raw cacao, Flax & Teff Brownie kits to try for ourselves. These baking kits are Gluten Free & Dairy Free & no added sugar.

The kits do also include how to make the mixes using eggs & butter too though. These are great mixes to stash in the cupboard for a household with and without allergies or mixed allergies. For just £2.75 each they are a great buy, you can also order 4 boxes of mixes for £9.99 or 6 for £13.99. They also have other mixes available so you can really mix it up!

Free-From Baking Mixes

Sweetpea Pantry Free-From Baking Kits

Flapjack Mix

We tried out the Sweetpea Pantry Flapjack kit first. This fab kit is Gluten free, Dairy Free, Vegan & no added sugar. The recipe recommends using either 100g of coconut oil or 100g of butter & 4 tablespoons of honey or syrup. This will make 12 flapjacks or one big one! 

Free-From Flapjack

This is a nice, quick and easy recipe that only takes 5 minutes to prepare. The girls really enjoyed helping make the flapjack and squishing the mix down into the baking tray. We used golden syrup to make our flapjack.

Free-From Flapjack

We really enjoyed the flapjack when it had cooled and set in the fridge for a while. There was plenty for everyone and it didn’t last long at all!

Brownie Mix

Next, we gave the Brownie kit a try! Who doesn’t love brownies? These Raw Cacao Flax & Teff brownies are simple to make. We used butter & golden syrup and eggs to make ours but for Vegan brownies add coconut oil, golden syrup/ natural syrup and flax ‘eggs’. This makes 12 scrumptious brownie bites. 

Brownie Mix

This mix was quick and easy to make just like the flapjack was and it kept the girls happy mixing it all up. We all got a little impatient when we could smell them baking and looked forward to diving in!

Sweetpea pantry Brownie Mix

The brownies were delicious once cut up and cooled! I’d definitely try these kits again and they would be great for our BBQs with friends who are gluten and dairy free! 

Have you discovered the Free-From baking Mixes from Sweetpea Pantry yet?

Eco Food Wraps – Perfect For Packed Lunches

Eco Food Wraps are perfect for packed lunches. Fed up of using plastic food bags that have to be binned after one use? Then Eco Food Wraps are the perfect, eco-friendly, plastic-free, reusable food wraps. We all know far too much plastic ends up in our oceans and many of us are moving away from using plastics in a bid to save our planet. Whilst I’m still very new to this and still use plastics more than I should, this is a great way to start going plastic-free.

Eco Food Wrap set of 3

Eco Food Wraps

Eco food wraps are handmade using organic cotton, coated in a beeswax/tree resin blend. These fab wraps let you mould them to the shape of any object. Eco Food Wraps will keep your food fresher for longer. They were designed to replace the use of cling-film & single-use plastic food bags. Being reusable & chemical free, Eco Food Wraps are the environmentally friendly, naturally sustainable Food Packaging Solution and are perfect for packed lunches, picnics and generally keeping food fresh. Simply wipe clean between uses.

Perfect For Packed Lunches

We were sent 3 different sizes & prints from Eco Food Wrap to try ourselves. We used them on Eva’s first day at school and she loved them & even remembered to bring it home! The wraps come in some lovely designs and different sizes to suit your needs.

We found the wraps so simple to use! I love how they mould to the shape you need just by gently warming them with your hand. They keep bread much fresher, something Eva instantly noticed when using the Eco Food Wraps. She often complains her lunch isn’t as nice having sat in the lunch tray all morning. It was nice she instantly benefitted from using Eco Food Wraps.

Small Eco Food Wrap

These fab wraps are perfect for a range of items including bread, pastries, fruit, cheese and more. The only thing the wraps can’t be used on is meat. Being reusable means you save a lot of money over the course of using the wraps as well as avoiding using single-use plastics. They look funky & cool with some lovely prints available to suit everyone.

There are several different packages available from Eco Food Wrap from single wraps in multiple sizes to family packs of various sizes/prints. Make sure you check them out if you are looking for alternative food packaging.

What do you think of Eco Food Wrap?

Cool Clothing From Cherry Crumble

Eva received some cool clothing from Cherry Crumble last week to review along with Izzy’s cute clothing. Like Izzy, Eva was able to pick out two items of clothing she would like to try. Having a browse around Cherry Crumble’s site Eva liked quite a few items but she ended up picking a lovely top and sweatshirt!

Cool Clothing From Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble aims to convert kids worldwide into little fashionistas with cool clothing! Their designers are artists who love kids and clothing is made from the finest and smoothest fabrics. With comfortable, fashionable clothing, Cherry Crumble’s exquisitely crafted collection is becoming the first choice for parents. From shirts, tees, dresses, frocks, jeans, trousers and more, all their clothing embodies the true Californian spirit of the outdoors, fun and sunshine!

Cool Clothing

Lace Hem Pep Top

Cherry Crumble Clothing

The top Eva chose is a lovely lace hem pep top in lilac, turquoise and white. Eva is quite petite for 8 so we ordered 7-8 years which fit her nicely. The lace hem is really pretty and soft, I was expecting it to be rough but it really isn’t.

Lace hem pep top
Eva loves this top and refused to take it off after wearing it as she likes it so much. It’s soft, comfortable and looks great with so many different outfits.


Tiny Leaf Sweatshirt


Tiny Leaf sweatshirt

The Tiny leaf sweatshirt is a light pink colour and super soft with a beautiful leaf and flower design on both shoulders. We tried a 7-8 years sweatshirt which fit nicely on Eva. I would recommend ordering a size bigger if your child isn’t very petite though as the

Cool Clothing

Stylish yet warm, this lovely sweatshirt is perfect with leggings or jeans! Eva really likes the soft pink with a bright burst of colour on the shoulders.

Cherry Crumble Tiny Leaf Sweatshirt

Cherry Crumble has some cool clothing perfect for any wardrobe. Having reviewed 4 items in total we definitely think the quality is worth it.

What do you think?

Cute Clothing From Cherry Crumble

We were sent cute clothing from Cherry Crumble for Izzy to try out this week! Cherry Crumble created by Nitt Hymans & his obsession with ‘SoCal’ Spirit.  Striking a fine balance between eye-catching style and immense comfort, the Cherry Crumble range is designed for newborns to 10 years.

Cute Clothing From Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble aims to convert kids worldwide into little fashionistas! Their designers are artists who love kids and clothing is made from the finest and smoothest fabrics. With comfortable, fashionable clothing, Cherry Crumble’s exquisitely crafted collection is becoming the first choice for parents. From shirts, tees, dresses, frocks, jeans, trousers and more, all their clothing embodies the true Californian spirit of the outdoors, fun and sunshine!

Cute Clothing

We were sent some seriously cute clothing including a beautiful dress & adorable pyjamas! Izzy had picked her items herself from the Cherry Crumbles range. The website is easy to navigate and you can refine your search. Izzy is currently wearing 5-6 years so we refined our search for girls clothing in 5-6 and she found 2 lovely items. You can refine your search by size colour, print, rating availability and gender. They arrived within a few days and Izzy was really excited to try them on.

Polished Striped Dress

Izzy picked out the Polished Striped dress first she loves a pretty dress and this one caught her eye! When it comes to dresses, I genuinely have no clue what to pick. Luckily Izzy’s choice looks beautiful on her!

Polished Striped Dress From Cherry Crumble

As you can see, the dress fits Izzy nicely in a size 5-6. I’m not a fan of short dresses on little girls and this is the perfect length to play in. We both love the cute pockets on the front, especially Izzy who loves to store stones & flowers in her pockets.

Posing in her Polished striped dress

The dress itself is super soft and comfortable. It looks adorable on and will be perfect for parties, playing or days out. Overall I was really surprised by this dress, it isn’t something I would have thought to pick myself but I have to give Izzy credit, she knows what she likes & what suits her!

Cherry Crumble Dress

Shimmering Pyjama Set

Izzy loves a pair of pyjamas, especially if they are pink and shimmery! When Izzy spotted these gorgeous pyjamas on Cherry Crumble she got really excited. We were both really impressed with how soft and lovely these pyjamas felt when they arrived.

Shimmering pyjamas

Izzy said they were really comfortable to wear and having worn them all night they are now her favourite pyjamas. They are 100% cotton and so soft, they look adorable on her too. The trousers have a back pocket and the top a little top pocket too. The trousers tie up if needed.

Cherry Crumble - Shimmering Pyjama set

They are light but warm, perfect for Izzy! The quality is fantastic, with no loose threads or wonky stitches to be seen anywhere which was fab to see. I’ll be ordering more of their gorgeous pyjama range for our Christmas eve sacks too! 


Cute Clothing from Cherry Crumble

Cherry Crumble children’s clothing is a fantastic range of super soft, well designed, fashionable but comfortable clothing. I’ll definitely be checking out some of their other items.

Have you heard of Cherry Crumble before?

Shimmer And Shine Book- The Genies Meet Isobella

Izzy received a Shimmer and Shine personalised book – The Genies Meet Isobella. We also received a 10% discount for our readers!

Shimmer and Shine Personalised Book

Penwizard makes your child the star of every story, Izzy loves Shimmer and Shine and was really excited to receive her book. Penwizard creates personalised books featuring well-loved children’s characters. A perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas & more!

Shimmer and Shine Personalised Book

The Shimmer and Shine personalised books are created using details provided by you about your child. These details include first & surname, birthday, town/city, gender, skin colour, eye colour, hair style & colour, clothing colour & glasses.

This personalisation ensures your child recognises themselves in the book. Books like this can really encourage children to read and enjoy books by being the main character. Izzy has several personalised books and really enjoys reading them and seeing herself featured!

The Genies Meet Isobella

The Genies Meet Isobella

Izzy instantly recognised the curly blonde girl in between her favourite genies when she received her book. As her birthday wasn’t too long ago she was really excited to read Shimmer and Shine were planning for her birthday!

Shimmer and shine personalised book review

Izzy listened in awe as I read the book to her, she loves a personalised book as all children do. There’s something special about being in a story with your favourite characters! She really enjoyed the funny, magical storyline.

Personalised Book From Penwizard

Isobella gets the best birthday gift ever when Shimmer and Shine surprise her with three wishes of her very own! But when the wishes don’t go quite as planned Isobella has to help the genies fix their mistakes and save the day. 

The genies meet Isobella

Discount For Our Readers

Fancy ordering a Shimmer and Shine personalised – The Genies Meets your child book? Enter Shimmer10 for 10% off your order! Softback books cost £14.99 and hardback books are £19.99. Postage is just £2.50 or free on orders over £40. Any child will love being the star of the story with their genie friends. 

T Plus Vitamin Super Teas Review And Giveaway

We received T Plus Vitamin Super Teas to review this week and have a bundle to giveaway to one of our readers too!

T Plus Vitamin Super Teas

T Plus Vitamin Super Teas

T Plus Vitamin Super Teas blend powerful herbs, green tea & natural fruit flavours. With 50% RDA of 9 daily essential vitamins in every bag too. The vitamins include B6, B12, C and Folic Acid in every clever tea bag.

T plus is more nutritious, better tasting and better doing than any existing ‘health tea’. They donate 10p from the sale T Plus Vitamin super teas to spread the power of vitamins with charity partner, Vitamin Angels and help #sharethehealth.

T plus drinks are on a mission to make the world of tea a little smarter, one teabag at a time!

As someone who struggles to keep their vitamin levels up, I can really see the benefit of these teas. I couldn’t wait to try them out 

The T Plus Range

There are 4 teas currently available from T plus, each one comes as a box of 15 tea bags.

T+ Multea Vitamin Tea – Nutrient-dense lemon & peach flavoured Multea contains a blend of multi-beneficial herbs. These herbs include rosemary, cardamom, spearmint with green tea. With 50% RDA of 9 daily essential vitamins (including B12, folic acid, B6 and C) to ensure you have the perfect daily cup of super tea.

T+ Boost Vitamin Tea – A new generation raspberry and pomegranate flavour energy tea. Made by blending together herbs – yerba mate and ginseng with antioxidant-packed green tea. Plus 50% RDA in energy-releasing B vitamins (vitamins that support normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue).

T+ Immunitea Vitamin Tea –  An orange & blueberry flavoured immune system boosting blend of functional herbs & green tea. Immunitea contains 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins including Vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Herbs Echinacea and ginseng along with antioxidant-packed green tea help keep cells healthy. 

T+ Detox Tea An apple & blackcurrant flavoured cleansing blend of herbs, green tea & 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins including vitamins B2 and Vitamins C. These vitamins help protect cells from oxidative stress. Herbs used are milk thistle, dandelion root and ginger root which have been used for centuries for internal cleansing to perfect this detoxing super tea.

T Plus Bundle

I tried out the T+ Detox Tea and the T+ Multea with this fab Keep cup! These teas are packed full of flavour (and vitamins!). The flavours work really well together, I love the Detox tea. If you are looking for a green tea that is enjoyable and full of goodness then T plus teas are fantastic. 

T Plus Vitamin Super Teas Giveaway

Fancy trying out T plus vitamin super teas for yourself? Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win all 4 vitamin super tea!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Back To School With Spearmark

It’s back to school time again and Spearmark kindly sent us some back to school goodies to help us out. Spearmark has a fantastic range of lunch bags, water bottles, snack pots & more. Whatever your needs, Spearmark products are just perfect for back to school!

When we buy back to school supplies, Eva loves anything pink! She is easily spotted in her bright pink coat and bag at school already. Why not have a matching lunch bag and water bottle too!? Spearmark sent us the perfect products!

Back to School With Spearmark

Back To School

Pink Glitter Backpack Lunch Bag

This very glittery pink backpack lunch bag had Eva squealing with excitement! We love the backpack style with its main compartment and front pocket. Eva loves the cute heart zips and can’t wait to show it off at school! She knows her friends will love it too! The handy front pocket is great for storing her break time snack. Available exclusively from Sainsbury’s along with some other great Spearmark lunch bags and products.

Cool Gear Water Bottle 828ml/28floz

Of course, you need the perfect water bottle to match a pink glittery backpack lunch bag & we love the Cool Gear Water bottles. Simply fill the freezer stick and freeze overnight to keep drinks cool all day. It’s so important kids stay hydrated at school & a warm drink is a little discouraging. Knowing you have a nice cold drink waiting for you across the day will ensure your children stay hydrated. These water bottles come in a range of sizes and colours including Eva’s favourite, pink! 

Locksy Ultra Clip Snack Pack 440ML

The Locksy Ultraclip snack pack is perfect for all kinds of snacks and is guaranteed not to leak! Perfect for fruit, pasta, rice and so much more, these handy little pots will take the stress out of emptying lunch bags. Discovering a leaky pot in a lunch bag is such a pain, these pots put an end to that!

Which Spearmark back to school product do you love?