Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10 seems to be a common issue users face. When I first started using my Canon Ixus 285HS I was so pleased with it. It has wi-fi connectivity & couldn’t wait to use it with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. After several searches online for a solution, I eventually gave up & found an old memory card reader instead. This worked just fine for the last two months…

Canon Ixus 285HS

Memory Card Reader

As some of my readers may know, I’ve had a pretty rough time lately with lots of big & small things going wrong. No surprise then that my memory card reader suddenly decided it didn’t want to work at all. Admittedly the reader is older than Izzy but it led to me having quite a strop. I don’t have the correct USB lead as the camera came without one. The Mr tried to help out pointing me to several articles that seemed likely to work but with no luck. Plenty of advice about setting it up in the network & sharing centre but nothing worked at all.

Have You Turned It Off & On Again?

Several times I tried turning the camera on & off, connecting & reconnecting to the Surface. It all looked set up as it had before but still unable to transfer images! I tried completely uninstalled and then re-installed the Canon Utilities software on the surface too, disconnecting & connecting the camera, failing each time. There was nothing else in the PDF Manual on Canon’s site either. I started getting so frustrated I simply worked through every connectivity setting on the Surface in the hope something, anything would work.

A Solution At Last!

Eventually, I worked out that simply connecting the camera with the software installed doesn’t work at all on Windows 10. UNLESS you also add your camera as a Bluetooth Device! I was shocked relieved when the Ixus 285HS suddenly connected and I could import all my photo’s at last! I double checked back through all the articles & guides we had found & not once did we find this mentioned anywhere!

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

If you are having the same issue with your Canon Ixus 285HS transferring images with Windows 10 then it is a very simple fix! (Once you know how haha!) Go into your Windows 10 Control panel, Bluetooth Devices & add a device. It doesn’t show you an option for a camera so I clicked on ‘Everything else’ which worked just fine. Make sure your camera connectivity is turned on & the software is installed too & it should automatically pop up asking if you want to transfer all the images from your Canon Ixus 285HS to your photo’s.

It may seem like such a simple, logical explanation but having seen forum after forum full of users facing the same issue, it obviously gets missed from time to time. I have to admit I am really relieved I finally found how to transfer images to my surface via wi-fi. It saves me from having to take the memory card out each time & keeps my only USB port free too. Hopefully, this post helps out someone else who is struggling with their Canon Ixus 285HS transferring images with Windows 10 too!

Have you had this issue?

DIY Daddy

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS – My New Favourite Toy!

I got a Purple Canon Ixus 285HS for me last week and I am so happy with it! I had no idea what he was buying but he made sure to wind me up especially by telling Martyn who of course enjoyed winding me up until it arrived too.

Purple Ixus Camera Case


I had previously been looking at the Ixus 185 as I struggle carrying my DSLR around with me. I wanted something light weight, which I had discussed with the Mr a few weeks beforehand without realising what he was up to! The Canon Ixus 285HS is sleep and light-weight, I can carry it in my coat pocket and take it everywhere with me.

Canon Ixus 285HS


My old camera is quite old and without my LGG4, which died again, I slowly stopped taking pictures. I stopped joining in with #MySundayPhoto because it didn’t seem worth it. Now I am excited to take photo’s again and can’t wait to see what I capture this year.

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS

Not only is the Canon Ixus 285HS PURPLE but it also has 20.2mp. Because it has high sensitivity it is perfect for low-light shots. Being in the flat most of the time it can be difficult getting the lighting right. With the Canon Ixus 285HS I have saved so much time taking blog photo’s.

Canon Ixus 285HS on tripod

With 12x Optical Zoom I can take some pretty cool photo’s from up. Setting up my tripid I can get some great shots looking out at London at night! The other thing I love about the Canon Ixus 285HS is the fact I can transfer photo’s to other devices thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity. Great for blogging on the go! The app is great too, I can control the camera from my phone and use it as a live web cam.

I am still learning the settings and looking up online photography courses I can do to learn more too. The gorgeous Purple Canon Ixus 285HS is definitely my new favourite toy!

Improve Finances And Reduce Stress Using Technology

Want to improve finances and reduce stress using technology? I love technology and always welcome anything that reduces stress and helps improve finances due to my own mental health. Here is some advice* to improve finances and reduce stress levels using technology.

Improve Finances Using Technology


Use Technology To Reduce Stress And Improve Finances

A recent study has revealed that 14 million people worry about their finances every day. A shocking statistic which rings true for many. Mental health concerns affect many Brits. Whilst you shouldn’t pin everything on how much money you have or haven’t got, it’s difficult not to get stressed about money when the cost of living continues to rise. However, there is good news for the millions of stressed Brits worried about their finances. The key to taking control of your money is to reduce your stress levels. Technology is a great tool to help alleviate stress and there are such great mental health apps available to help you achieve just that.

Utilising technology

Wherever you turn, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some form of technology. Your home is probably full of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, voice-activated home assistants and game consoles. Whilst over-use and over-exposure to technology has been linked to stress, there are ways in which you can effectively use technology to boost your mental health and reduce your stress levels to allow you to make smart financial decisions.

When stressed, individuals often make poor financial choices, such as purchasing high priced goods to make themselves feel better, only to instantly regret it when the item arrives, thus increasing stress. However, technology can be utilised in these times. If you’re staring at your online bank account and are worried about the balance, ask your voice-activated home assistant to play some calming music, such as whale music which is known to reduce stress levels.

Reading technology

Reading has been proven to reduce stress levels. Before you make any spur of the moment purchases, grab your electronic reading device and lower your stress levels. You can reduce your stress levels by as much as 68% by taking time out and enjoying a couple of chapters of a good book. Just six minutes of reading can make you feel calmer and more relaxed. Be sure to carry reading material with you wherever you go.

Debt and technology

Gadgets allow individuals to check their bank balance wherever they are and at any time of the day. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Students are often knee deep in debt which can cause them much stress. If you’re a student looking to consolidate your student loan, be sure to use organisational software first to get everything in order. That way you can review your finances with a clear, stress-free head.

Stress is a factor which people across the UK and around the world contend with every day. We face a lot of stress especially when it comes to sorting out finances. However, technology is a great tool to use to stay calm, reduce stress levels and stay on top of your finances.

Do you think you could Improve Finances And Reduce Stress Using Technology to?

*In collaboration with Chrissy Gladstone.


Gamer Gift – ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset

We were sent the ultimate gamer gift! A ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite edition VR Headset, the perfect Christmas gift for any gamer! All of us enjoy playing games and discovering apps on our phones & tablets here so we couldn’t wait to try out a Virtual Reality headset for the first time. The ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset is available at Selfridges, Dixons Travel and WHSmith Travel.

ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset

Gamer Gift Specs

The new Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR headset combines state-of-the-art optics with immersive audio for the ultimate sensory experience. Perfect for gamers! The headset includes a Bluetooth gaming controller and removable HD stereo headphones with built-in mic and volume controls. This fab gamer gift also has HD optical resin lenses, a built-in capacitive touch button and removable face plate for compatibility with AR apps too. The Headset has optimised field of view with custom focal adjustments and an ergonomic halo band with a ventilated, form fit cushion. There are plenty of VR games available to download from the Play Store & the Apple store.

Gamer Gift - ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset

Setting Up The Headset

The VR headset itself is simple enough to set up. You load the VR game on your device, pop it in the front of the headset which is adjustable to fit different sized phones. You then pull out the knob on the back of the headset to adjust the size and push it back in once you have the correct size. If your device doesn’t automatically pick up the VR Headset there is a button on the bottom of the headset to connect.

Game Play

We decided to try out a Solar system VR game & a Safari Tour to try out. With the headset all set up we all took turns looking around space and driving through a safari park. The ReTrak Utopia 360 Elite Edition VR Headset is fantastic fun, being able to look in any direction you choose to discover planets or animals was great. The girls really enjoyed this gamer gift & so did I! ReTrak do advise you take a break every 30 minutes when using a Virtual Reality headset.

Gamer Gift

Overall Thoughts – The Perfect Gamer Gift!

The quality of this VR headset is great and it is definitely the ultimate gamer gift in our eyes! We love how quick and easy it is to set the headset up. The headset is comfortable to wear and simple enough to adjust to a comfortable fit. There are so many games available it is hard to choose but we will no doubt be playing plenty more! We love the ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite edition VR Headset

Do you know someone who would love this gamer gift?

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Getting To Know My Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I’ve been getting to know my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that the Mr got me for Christmas. Microsoft call it the tablet that can replace your laptop.. and they were right!

Surface Pro 3

I have the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i5 on Windows 10 with 128GB memory & 4GBRAM in silver with a 12″ display. It’s amazingly light compared to my old chunky Dell D620 laptop!

Having stuck to Windows 7 for a while it took me a day or so to get to grips with the system and how it works, and most importantly where everything is! Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty simple & I actually quite like the Menu’s, something I thought I might not be keen on having seen my friend use his when he got it.

It has a lovely clear 12″ screen which at first I thought I might struggle with but in all honesty it feels like the perfect size!

Mr of course has to purple my present in some way so he also got me the Purple keyboard to go with it! Now it is so much easier for me to write my blog posts again (you may have noticed I’ve posted a lot more since Christmas!).

My old laptop took years to load and if I was lucky if I could maybe edit one post in an entire weekend so had to rely on my phone & using th3e Mr’s PC when he wasn’t around. Now I can get a post written in no time. I love that the Surface Pro 3 has a stand as it’s handy whether in Tablet mode or as a Laptop/PC with the keyboard attached. I can literally write from anywhere now. I love curling up in my corner and having the whole set up laid flat across my legs so I can type with the keyboard still.

The Surface Pen took a little getting used to, being left handed I had to change the settings to left handed and have found it much easier.. except for when I decided to write with my right.. being ambidextrous isn’t always that ‘handy’ haha! I’ve now worked out the buttons on it and love how quick and easy it is to select and copy/paste text. I’d be a little lost without my pen now & have tried to use it on my phone several times too.. It doesn’t work if you were wondering 😉

I love how it is benefiting the Mr too! Anyone that follows me on Twitter has probably seen a rant or 2 about the Mr’s phone. It struggles to receive ANY signal or Wi-Fi anywhere yet when we are in the kitchen he can connect to Wi-Fi using my Surface Pro 3 as  hotspot which unlike my laptop shares my Wi-Fi connection! Hopefully within a few months there will be no need for this and we will have replaced the Mr’s phone but it is very handy!

I haven’t yet had a play with Cortana but I have heard it is a amazing.. I’ll do another post when I get round to it. I think I’ll feel a tad silly talking to Cortana at first though!

The Surface Pro 3 also has a front and back 5mp camera with video recording capabilities in 1080p. We tested this out Christmas day Face Timing my friend Slim who is currently in Guyana. Although I hid the whole time as I’m not keen on voice/video calls I did keep an eye on how well the camera worked and it was surprisingly good for a video call! The Camera’s also have a privacy light each so you know when the Camera’s are active.

Sound wise it’s not the loudest but to be honest I usually put music on the Mr’s PC and play it through our sound system. The speakers do have Dolby enhanced sound which I have to admit whilst not particularly loud it is very clean and clear to listen to.

Browsing the web and swapping between applications is ridiculously quick (especially if your using a pre-historic laptop!). Everything runs smoothly and quickly with very little lag even when I have everything in the world open! This was my main issue with the laptop and the Surface Pro 3 has seriously blown me away with it’s capabilities.

There are also several ports including USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort and micro SD card reader which is extremely useful as well as a headphone jack.

I love the fact I can download games from the App store too and also play Xbox games!! I am soo getting wireless controllers haha! I’ve already installed my favourite word game and tried a few out and the display is awesome! I played a racing game thinking there was no way moving the Surface Pro 3e around would work as well as on my phone. Well I was wrong! It is so much better than my phone! It responds so well I even came first in a race I tend to lose on my phone.

There are sooo many features on the Surface Pro 3 that I think I will carry on checking them out and write another post once I’ve really had a play!

So far though the Surface Pro 3 is a definite win and the Mr has had a ton of praise for it! I would definitely recommend it to bloggers who like to write on the go as well as at home.



RFIDsecur Shielding Card- Keeping Anxiety at Bay

An RFIDsecur shielding card protects your contactless ID’s and credit cards from data theft and fraud. These are things that cause a huge amount of anxiety for a lot of people when using contactless cards and carrying them around.

RFID Shielding card

Wondering why it causes anxiety?

Fraudsters use remote scanning devices which enables them to steal your credit/bank card number, expiration date, pin entry data and transaction history

Anyone who follows my blog will know I have anxiety and I do worry about using and taking my cards out in public but now RFID Cloaked have come up with a brilliant safeguarding solution, I feel much more confident when carrying my cards!

RFIDsecur shielding card inbetween two contactless cards

RFID Cloaked have developed the shielding card which 0.3mm thin and slots in perfectly next to or in-between cards in your purse/wallet for the Kickstarter project. One card alone will protect 2 contactless cards at once which is brilliant for me as I tend to have the Mr’s contactless card in my purse a lot as he doesn’t use a wallet, aswell as my own contactless card. 

This ultra thin credit card sized shielding guard blocks both NFC and RFID frequencies (13.56Mhz and 125Khz). It doesn’t interfere with retail protection systems. The card is designed and made in the UK and is flexible. tough ough and provides security for all types of card, Door Access ID cards, through to contactless payments cards.

Personally I think this is a brilliant project. It could help so many people who have anxiety carry contactless cards without worrying. I think the RFIDsecur Shielding card is a fantastic way of easily protecting your cards from fraudsters.

Out-Smarting A 2 Year Old With SmartMotion

The Samsung SmartThings SmartMotion!

I reviewed the Samsung SmartThings Starter pack and won it last year. I still use the SmartPlug’s to control the Pump & Light on our fish tank (Can you Phone the Fish?)which is an absolute life saver especially if we aren’t home & forgot to turn on their pump!

I also use the  Multi-purpose sensor to send me a notification on my phone if something comes through the letterbox. 


The SmartMotion Sensor however I hadn’t really managed to come SmartMotionup with a good use for yet.

Izzy has recently started getting out of bed and coming in to the living room at night. She plays a bit of a game with it making sure to cover the monitor with a blanket or teddy so we can’t hear her sneaking out of bed.

She rarely wants something, she just wants to know what we are up to and with Eva making sure to keep her awake after we have put Izzy back to bed, we become yo-yo’s trying to get her to stay in bed. If we manage to catch her at her door she will generally go back to bed and go to sleep. If she gets any further though she thinks she’s winning and keeps trying.

Secret weapon: SmartMotion

Now it’s set up in the girls room so when they pass their chest of drawers (the range is pretty good too!) I get a notification on my phone. So as Izzy gets out of bed we can race her to their door and get her back into bed quickly and stop her little game. We’ve been using it for the last week now and she has learnt rather quickly WE KNOW and she cant (yet) find away to open that bedroom door without setting off the sensor Muahahah!


Now she will actually call through the monitor ‘poo bum!’ or ‘Melp pweeeeaaaaase’ when she wants something and doesn’t get up and down just because she can.

This could also be useful for potty training too as I will be woken up if she leaves her room to head for the toilet/potty. Samsung SmartThing’s Motion Sensor finally has a purpose. It also let’s me know the room temperature which means as the colder months draw in closer we can make sure there room is kept at a good temperature too!

How do you outsmart your kids when they are playing around at bedtime? Do you have a sensor? A video baby monitor? Do you have a SmartHub at home? Which one? Let me know 

🙂 Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

August MS515B Bluetooth Speaker Review

You may have spotted my post offering a one day only early Christmas deal with a 40% discount on a set of August MS515B Bluetooth Speakers. Sold on Amazon for £29.95.

For sharing August Lab’s early Christmas deal I was given an awesome discount on the bluetooth speaker myself & ordered them first thing Thursday morning when the discount codes went live.

Friday morning we received our email letting us know our parcel was being delivered later that day!

This made me pretty excited as A) I LOVE opening parcels 😂😂 & B) I love listening to music! Especially when cleaning & these can easily be moved around room to room without disturbing the music!

Our parcel arrived around about 4.30pm and we quickly got the box opened up to have a look inside.

August Bluetooth Speaker

I checked the manual and got them plugged in to charge up & was really impressed by how easy they are to set up. They come with a USB lead with a split lead to charge both speakers at the same time. The speakers connect by a lead included in the box. They also have an AV in lead so you can plug them in to devices without bluetooth. So you can literally use them with anything!

I quickly got my phone connected via bluetooth to test them out and was amazed by the sound quality. They are pretty loud too! For small speakers they really do have some power. Anything with bass (when up loud) makes them jump across the side a little which really amused Eva.

We had them set up in the kitchen and the sound filled the room & we all ended up dancing in the kitchen whilst I cleaned & the Mr cooked for the girls. 

The Mr loves music too and has play-lists saved on his youtube. He eventually got bored of typing in each song on my phone. He decided to connect his phone to the speakers instead and took over with his play-lists for a good hour.

We are seriously impressed with the quality of the bluetooth speakers. Especially for only £29.95 (Unless you used my discount code 😉 ) delivered the next day even though we chose the free delivery option!

I can see these becoming one of our new favourite toys. As Eva has seen them I cant give them to her as a present. Instead I have said we can all share them.  I can see the girls using them in our room and me using them around the flat when cleaning to save having the sound system on which we currently have no remote for & have the bass up high which can be a bit much at times! 🙈🙊

I love that the girls can connect using the Tablet as well as us using our phones & pc/laptop and as they are rechargeable we can take them anywhere. I’ve yet to find a problem with them. I like that I can skip forwards and back a track using the button on the back of the main speaker.

*This is a sponsored post & I received a large discount on the speakers in return for sharing the 40% off discount post and an honest review.

 August MS515 Bluetooth Speaker – One Day Only Early Christmas Discount!

As my readers will know I’m already planning ahead for christmas & with less than 17 weeks to go I’m on the hunt for awesome bargains and discounts to go under our tree.

As I mentioned before I’m thinking about getting Izzy a Tablet for Christmas as she loves Eva’s & was struggling to think of a present for Eva but then I came across an offer* from @August_Lab for a set of August MS515 Bluetooth Speakers & knew she would love them for playing music in her room from her tablet.


I know a lot of my readers love technology and also love a good bargain so if you want to get yourself an early christmas bargain with 40% off these August MS515 Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon (currently £29.45) Just click the link & enter your email and your coupon code will be emailed to you on September the 8th for a one day only special christmas deal!

Not sure if these are the bluetooth speakers for you? I’ll be writing up a review on these myself so check back soon to read what I think.

*This is a sponsored post in return for a discount on the product mentioned.

10 reasons I missed my LGG4

I’m sure most of you have heard me moaning like a little girl about the death of my LGG4 followed by the long wait for it to be repaired & returned and some of you may possibly wondering why I keep banging on about the phone. Well yes partly I am a bit of a phone obsessed geek but the phone itself is genuinely the best phone I’ve had the pleasure of owning so far! So much so I decided to share with you 10 reasons I love it so much!


  1. Screen size – The LGG4 has a 5.5 inch Quantum 2K IPS (2560 × 1440 resolution 534 PPI) display. Something I never thought would bother me was screen size (considering I once had the Virgin Lobster 485 teeny tiny phone) but after using the G4 for 8 months then reverting back to smaller screen size for a month I seriously appreciate having a larger screen again. The images are so crisp and clear on the G4 anything smaller just doesn’t compare!
  2.  Memory – In this day and age with so many apps and games you need a decent amount of memory on most phones and 2GB really didn’t cut it. I could just about download facebook, twitter, instagram & wordpress but then couldn’t receive emails unless i deleted them constantly at least on the G4 with 32GB I never run out of memory & if I did there is a Micro SD slot to expand the memory further.
  3. Camera quality! – OK I may not be great at taking photo’s but I honestly love taking them and having them to look back on especially with the girls constantly growing and learning. Whilst I’m still learning my way around camera’s it really is noticeable how amazing the G4 camera is all round! Izzy was as pleased as me as she absolutely loves the front camera to take a good selfie!LGG4
  4. Signal quality – The LGG4 picks up my wifi 11 floors down and a good few yards away in the college opposite us yet my old HTC One X and even the Samsung Galaxy Young I have used over the last month I can barely get a wifi signal in my own kitchen! As for calls and texts my signal rarely fails on the G4 which eases a lot of my anxieties whereas the galaxy young rarely had signal.
  5. Phoning the fish! – I turned off my Smart Hub whilst I was without the G4 as I just didn’t have the memory to install it on the galaxy young and since the Mr’s phone is dying a slow death it literally takes hours to download anything even using wifi (his signal is pants!) I genuinely couldn’t be bothered to set it up on his phone. Now the G4 is back I plugged it all back in so we could continue phoning the fish. With the added Power Outlet I won the fish tank light and pump are now both using a power outlet and I even got round to installing the app on the Mr’s phone too.
  6. Google apps – Although the galaxy young also had Google apps and the capability to sync ONE Google account and the lack of memory meant it didn’t sync regularly or receive notifications properly. I have 3 Gmail accounts I like to keep on top of so only being able to sync one account was hell especially as I wasn’t able to sync my blogging Gmail account meaning I was late replying to a few emails! Now I have all my accounts synced up and get notifications again I can keep on top of it all much better. I can also use the calendar again which is extremely important for me to have since I forget EVERYTHING!
  7. Blogging tools – With the G4 I have the space to keep a range of apps including WordPress and Quick memo+ meaning I can write out posts as they come to me and save them to go back and edit them later. I can check all my social accounts regularly and chat to other bloggers again although admittedly I’ve done very little of this so far as I’ve been busy filling the phone up with apps and syncing my accounts when I’m not busy with life.
  8. Gaming – Oh how I missed playing games in moments of boredom! With lack of space, a tiny screen and awful signal I couldn’t play a single game. The graphics are amazing on the G4 and I am loving playing games such as reckless racing 3, crack attack and word dash again!
  9. Music – The G4 sound quality is great and I love listening to music when I’m on public transport or walking somewhere alone and I couldn’t wait to download all my favourite songs again ready for a moment of freedom 😉 haha!
  10. Youtube – I never realised just how much I relied on youtube until it was unusable on the galaxy young. Eva asks a ton of questions and some times the easiest way to explain things to her is by showing her educational videos and I missed being able to quickly show her a video. My crochet has been neglected slightly too as I was using my phone to watch tutorials.

So there are ten reasons why I missed my LGG4 (and hated the Samsung Galaxy Young). If your phone was damaged what would you miss most?