Chicco Deluxe Rain Cover for Strollers Review

I bought a cheap second hand stroller prior to ordering the Zeta citi Stroller but it didn’t have a rain cover, as I knew the stroller we had was a temporary one I didn’t want to buy the matching rain cover so opted to buy a universal one.

The Mr and I decided to head to lakeside one day to find one and came across 2 in Boots we liked the look of.

One had no pockets and looked quite thin whereas the Chicco Deluxe rain cover for strollers was thick, had a pocket on the back and mesh sides to let air in stopping the rain cover steaming up on the inside on a rainy day and stated that it fit most strollers. Surprisingly the Chicco one was cheaper costing only £10 at the time, it seems the price has gone up to £15 since but I am sure I recall it being on offer at the times and receiving double points too.

Chicco Deluxe Rain Cover for Strollers Review
Covers the changing bag nicely too!

We’ve had the rain cover around 6 months now and it has fit both strollers perfectly and unlike previous rain covers I’ve had it hasn’t torn even with Izzy repeatedly trying to kick it. Personally I think even at £15 it is well worth paying out for this if you are looking for a really good universal rain cover. Admittedly the storage bag it came with ripped easily after a few times of use but then that has happened with most storage bags I’ve had. Overall the rain cover fits really well on my stroller and the pocket is so handy. Definitely well worth the money in my opinion!

I did attempt to take a few more photo’s for this post but unfortunately Izzy wouldn’t allow me to and I’m all out of bribes right now. (Sorry for the inconvenience)

Buggy love!

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