Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks Review And Giveaway

We were sent Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks range to review this week. Written by Sarah Parkin and Designed by Rob Hale. Each Mini Playbook has a story, playmat, pop-up building and over 20 press out pieces. There are currently 6 books within the Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks and we have 3 books to offer one lucky winner! Read on and enter below.

Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks

Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks

Currently, the six Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks available include Farm, Animal Hospital, Fire Station, Castle, Airport and Garage. These fantastic books encourage reading and learning through play.

Miles Kelly Mini Playbook - Animal Hospital

Mini Playbook Fun

Each storybook follows a character at work, explaining the different tasks they do each day. Once you’ve read the story and learnt the tasks, it’s time to play and act out the different roles! There is a handy guide to setting up and using the book inside too.

Animal Hospital Instructions

Each book turns into a square playmat with a road, pop-up building and relevant scenery. The buildings all have doors that open, allowing your press-out characters to go in and out easily.

Miles Kelly Animal Hospital Mini Playbook

Animal Hospital Playmat - Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks

Inside each pop-up building, there is plenty of space to move characters around. Both girls enjoy setting up these books and playing out the roles. Izzy especially loves animal hospitals and this was definitely her favourite. Reading about Sam the Vet’s adventures at work and then playing Vet kept Izzy busy for hours!


The Castle Mini Playbook follows Cedric the knights adventures in a medieval castle. The Castle comes with a Dragon, knights on horses, a Lord & Lady, Musician and more, the girls quickly got lost in this Mini Playbook.

Castle Miles Kelly Mini Playbook

Fire Station

We read about Firefighter George’s adventure at work, then we set up all the pieces. The girls had hours of fun playing as firefighters, rescuing cats from buildings and putting out fires. This Playbook comes with a fire engine, fires, barriers and various firefighters.

Fire Station


Jack is on his first visit to the airport in this storybook on his first family holiday. Learn about what goes on in an airport then fold out the playmat, pop up the building and play! I love how the aeroplanes go together for this playbook making them 3D.



Follow Farmer Sam around the farm as he cares for all the animals. Farms are very busy places with lots of jobs to do, press out the pieces and help Sam look after the animals. With cute farm animals and a shiny red tractor this Playbook is amazing.



Learn about mechanic Matt’s adventures at work in this storybook before getting busy helping at the Garage. Help wash cars, change tyres, repair engines and become a marvellous mechanic for a few hours.


The Mini Playbooks fold back down after being played with. This makes the Mini Playbooks easy to store until next time. Simply flatten the press-out pieces and store them inside the building safely too. We are really impressed with the Mini Playbooks as they are so easy to set up and clear away. They certainly kept the girls occupied and having fun for hours at a time and the enjoyed building a few at a time and connecting the roads on the playmats to create their own little town.

Miles Kelly Mini Playbook Giveaway

As promised, we have 3 Miles Kelly Mini Playbooks to giveaway to one lucky winner*! The winner will be able to pick any 3 titles from the 6 available, simply enter the giveaway below and keep an eye on your emails.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Winner will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway closing and will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked.

Which 3 Miles Kelly Mini Playbook titles would you pick?


    Castle, Farm, Airport and Animal Hospital!

    Tracy Nixon | 2 weeks ago Reply

    Farm, Animal Hospital and Airport.

    Solange | 1 week ago Reply

    Farm, castle & garage for us !

    Katie Skeoch | 1 week ago Reply

    These look fantastic! I bet they’d be great for taking on holiday to keep little ones busy on quiet days. I think I’d go for the farm, the animal hospital and the garage but it’s very hard to choose! #KLTR

    Bec @IshMotherBec | 1 week ago Reply

    Definitely the hospital one my son is due an operation soon this would be great to reassure him then the other two would have to be the station and the airport They look like great books! Fingers crossed

    Sean Eccles | 1 week ago Reply

    fire station, garage and airport x

    Angela treadway | 1 week ago Reply

    Castle and Garage and Farm Books

    John Prendergast | 1 week ago Reply

    Fire station, airport and hospital please. These books look great for fun learning.

    Sadiyya Maryam | 1 week ago Reply

    I would choose the Animal Hospital, Fire Station and Castle books.

    Peter Watson | 1 week ago Reply

    These look brilliant! Especially like the fire station, garage and airport. #KLTR

    Rachael | 1 week ago Reply

    garage, fire station and animal hospital

    iain maciver | 1 week ago Reply

    Animal Hospital, Farm and Castle. These books are fabulous!!

    Sally Collingwood | 1 week ago Reply

    Castle, fire station and hospital for my little one!

    Ruth Harwood | 7 days ago Reply

    Animal Hospital, Fire Station and Castle.

    Margaret Clarkson | 7 days ago Reply

    fire station, airport and animal hospital

    Gemma Hendry | 6 days ago Reply

    id choose the castle, airport and farm :)

    janine atkin | 5 days ago Reply

    I'd choose Farm, Animal Hospital and Airport, please.

    Catherine S | 5 days ago Reply

    animal hospital, fire station and castle wouldbe the theree id choose x

    Amy Bondoc | 5 days ago Reply

    Animal hospital airport and caatle

    Margaret GALLAGHER | 2 days ago Reply

    I love Miles Kelly for making such great fun play books - have you seen their large vehicles? We love them!! Thanks for joining in with #KLTR

    BookBairn | 2 days ago Reply

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