A Complete Guide To Indoor Gardening

Love indoor gardening? Check out this guest post, A complete guide to indoor Gardening from GrowAce.

Do you want to have access to fresh and clean herbs, fruits and vegetables all year long for free? This can easily be achieved by starting your own indoor garden.

Not only will you have access to the produce of your choice whenever you need it, no matter whether it is the middle of the winter, but also you can make sure that the food you prepare and eat is healthy, organic and free of any chemicals by growing it by yourself.

Indoor Gardening
We have grown our own indoor fruit & veg a few times now!

It is a fact, that indoor gardening does have numerous benefits including:

  • It will ensure that you have the fruits, veggies and herbs you want all-year round
  • You will save a ton of money from buying overpriced salads, fruits and other crops which tend to hit even higher prices in the winter
  • You will be sure that the food you are eating is 100% organic, chemical free and safe
  • You will decrease your carbon footprint, by avoiding purchasing fruits and veggies which have been transported from far away

So, what are the steps to take in order to get your indoor garden started?

There are several important steps which you should take when planning your home garden.

First of all, you should think about the plants you want to grow, and then figure out how much space you will need for your indoor garden. Based on the space which you have available you can plan the number of plants you will grow, their types, as well as plan on a budget for your indoor garden.

The money you spend on your indoor garden largely depends on the type of garden you want. If you are planning on using your window sills or another location with a lot of direct sunlight, then you won’t need to spend too much on setting up your indoor garden.

Then again, if you want to grow plants in a grow tent, greenhouse, or in another area with artificial lighting, grow lamps, humidifiers, temperature controls, water pumps and so on, the money you will have to spend will be significantly more.

Here are the basic tips for planning and starting your indoor garden

If you will be relying on sunlight, then opt for greens like Asian greens, arugula, basil, cilantro, cress, celery, chives, dill, dandelion, fennel, frisee, kale, mint, lemon balm, lettuce, mustard greens, oregano, parsley sorrel, sage, radicchio, spinach, Swiss chard, thyme or watercress. These plants will grow pretty well even without too much sunlight and direct light.

On the other hand, if you want to grow your own tomatoes, squash, cucumbers or others, you may want to opt for a more elaborate indoor gardening system instead, because these plants grow to be pretty big, require more direct light and can cast shade over the smaller plants.

You should also ensure that your garden is set up in an area where the temperature and humidity is appropriate for plant growing. The most suitable temperature for growing green plants is 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Many other warm weather plants like peppers or tomatoes thrive well in higher temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, because of the heating used in the winter, the air tends to be very dry indoors. This means that you may need a humidifier for your indoor garden as well.

The lighting needed for the optimal results is at last 10 hours per day, so you may start thinking about investing in some good quality grow lamps as well.

Overall, you can choose between several main types of indoor gardening. The simplest is in containers with soil, and then there is hydroponics or aquaponics. The latter two are soil-less options which are far more elaborate and can be quite more expensive than using soil for your plants.

Growing in soil and containers

You can start up your indoor garden today by placing several pots on your windowsill and taking care of your plants. With container based indoor gardening you won’t need too much space, as well as any complicated systems if you can ensure that your plants get enough light, water, and are in a room where the temperature and humidity levels are appropriate.

All you need is to pick the proper containers, a good soil mix and some seeds or healthy and strong seedlings and you can get started right away.

You can use any room of your house, or your garage, basement or other free space to set up your potted plants.

Hydroponics for indoor gardening

This soil-less system uses water instead of soil to provide all necessary nutrients to the plants. Usually, the medium used for planting the crops is gravel, perlite, sand, vermiculite or rock wool. The hydroponic system cycles water and nutrients through the garden. You can set up a mini hydroponics set for a few herbs and small plants, or you can opt for a large system which will allow you to grow a large produce of fresh vegetable and fruits in the garage, basement or other available space.

Purchasing a hydroponic system can be a serious investment, but at the same time you will be making a long-term investment and will ensure that you have fresh produce all year long for free.

You can also build your own hydroponics system if you are a handy DIYer too.

Aquaponics for indoor gardening

This intriguing system for growing plants includes combining hydroponics and fish farming. The plants are fertilized with the waste from the fish in the tank, and the crops filter out the water by drawing in the nutrients and sending back clean water to the fish tank.

This is the perfect system for indoor gardening, which requires less maintenance, and which will ensure that you have not only fresh grown produce but fresh fish as well.

In conclusion

It is clear that indoor gardening can be a pretty simple task, but it can also involve the purchase and set up of quite complicated gardening systems and equipment. The type of garden you opt for depends on your needs, your expectations, your budget, your space, as well as on your personal preferences.

Whichever type of indoor gardening you opt for, you will be able to benefit from it pretty soon if you take proper care of your plants.

Smudge And Friends Children’s Book Review

We received a copy of Smudge and friends children book to review*. Written and illustrated by Andy Edwards based on an idea by Caroline Groves, this lovely book is full of confidence building stories.

Smudge and friends

Smudge And Friends

To begin you meet Smudge who is 5 years old and very nervous about his first day at school. This gave him butterflies and he really didn’t like it when his mum said it was time to leave for school.

He met his teacher who seemed friendly so he agrees to stay. As the day goes by he chooses to try and say hello to other children. Doing this he slowly feels more confident and notices two friends and heads over to them. One of them rushes over to him first and the 3 quickly becomes good friends. They have fun together and Smudge decides it’s been a brilliant day! He can’t wait to go back the next day.

Overall Thoughts

Chapter One and it’s Smudge’s first day at school. It is just one of a good few challenging situations that Smudge and his Friends face in this book overall. Four short stories tell of how the characters find ways to navigate through their new experiences and how they step-up to other challenges they meet in-school and in their daily lives.

Reading ‘between the lines’ there are messages about learning how to interact socially and to build self-confidence just like Smudge and his Friends.

We absolutely love this book and would definitely recommend it!

Have you heard of Smudge and Friends before?

*Whilst we were kindly send a copy of Smudge and Friends to review, all opinions are our own and an honest review.

Microblading – What You Need To Know

Thinking of Getting Microblading? Here’s What You Need to Know.

*This is a guest post*

Full, thick brows are all the rage right now and if you’re feeling jealous of Cara Delevingne’s statement eyebrows, you might be thinking about having a microblading treatment done. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo which fills in any gaps in your brows leaving them looking thick, full and perfectly formed every day. Microblading is certainly worth it if you feel like you’re spending more time than you’d like every morning pencilling in your brows. But, is it safe? As with any procedure, there are certain risks to be aware of and precautions that you should take to make sure that you minimize the risk of any complications.

#1. Choosing a Salon:

Bear in mind that if your brows aren’t done properly by a reputable professional, you will need to have them redone. It’s likely that you’ll need to wait around eight to twelve months before you can rework them, depending on what went wrong. So, it’s a wise idea to spend some time doing your research before you make a decision on who you’re trusting with your brows. Go by recommendations from people that you trust, or if you don’t know anybody who’s had microblading done, look for strong online reviews on social media and third-party review sites. It’s also advisable to visit prospective salons before you decide to learn more about the process and ask about the materials that they use. A reputable professional will always use top-grade eyebrow microblading supplies from companies such as Ink Defined, and they will be happy to share more information about them with you. The Ink Defined website also has plenty of useful articles that can be worth reading before going ahead with microblading treatment, such as where to find the top studios and essential aftercare tips, which leads us onto our next point.

#2. Be Ready for Aftercare:

Microblading is getting more popular, but don’t forget that it’s still a tattoo. Because of this, there is no guarantee that you can 100% remove brows that go wrong. And, severe reactions are possible. To keep your risks low, you should care for your new microbladed brows in the same way that you would any wound. Use antiseptic ointments to minimize the risk of infection. Speak to the beauty therapist if you have a history of allergies to previous tattoos or hair dyes, as it may not be advisable for you to have microblading done if this is the case.

#3. You’ll Need Touch Ups:

Micro-blading may be a tattoo, but you won’t have the same results as you did at the beginning forever. After you’ve healed from your first procedure, it’s likely that you’ll need to go back to the salon for a touch up in a few months’ time. Many salons will include a touch-up in their initial fee, but some don’t. So along with budgeting for the procedure itself, don’t forget to put some money aside for your touch-up too. Prices range from around $200-500.

#4. It’s Not an Overnight Fix:

Lastly, don’t expect to walk out of the salon with perfect brows. You’ll likely experience some swelling and redness, and your skin may be flaky for the first few days or weeks afterwards. And, your brows will look unflatteringly dark and thick right after the procedure, but this will eventually fade. So, if you’re planning to get microblading done for a special occasion, it’s wise to have it done a few weeks before to allow yourself to heal.

Microblading can be a great way to get the brows you’ve always wanted, but it’s important to keep the risks in mind before you go ahead.

Valentines Gifts For Men 2019

Wondering what Valentines Gifts for men to buy this year? I’ve got a list of ideas for you that won’t break the bank and have a little meaning to them too. I was kindly sent most of these items to include but all opinions are my own.

Valentines Gifts For Men 2019

Valentines Gifts

If you have a beer loving other half like me, some of these valentine’s day gifts will be perfect!

Viking Beer Horn

Viking Beer Horn and Stand - Personalised

Have a beer lover? Why not get him this cool Viking beer horn from http://www.thegiftexperience.co.uk. This great glass beer horn also comes with a wooden stand. You can add 3 lines of personalisation to the wooden stand to add a romantic message. I chose to add Skal which is Viking for cheers! Who said Valentines gifts for men have to be boring?

Viking Beer Horn


It is the team’s Viking war chant and comes from the Swedish, Danish and Noreigian word “Skål.” A Skål was a bowl that was often filled with beer and shared among friends so the word became a way of saying “Cheers!”


The Man Box

Ross & Ross have collaborated with some of the best artisan products in the Cotswolds to create a special hamper for your fella fill with their finest fare. The perfect valentines gift for men, The Man Box is perfect for those that appreciate great british food.

The Man Box

The Man Box contains:

  • Premium Cotswold Lager – made by the Cotswold Brewing Co, this is a smooth, subtle lager with a soft, fruity flavour that is additive-free, preservative-free and unpasteurised for the freshest possible taste
  • British Charcuterie Original Salami – made by the Cotswold Curer, Cirencester, this award-winning, air-dried salami is based on the classic French ‘Rosette’ De Lyon, but produced in the Cotswolds using locally sourced free range pork. It has a mellow yet complex flavour with great depth and balance.
  • Mr Trotter’s Great British Original Crackling – cooked in small batches by hand, these pork scratchings are made from 100% prime British pork skin from the finest British pigs to deliver the ultimate porkie crunch (contains gluten)
  • Smoked Apple Chutney – slow-cooked Cotswold apples combined with a delicious smoky flavour makes this a great accompaniment with all things pork

Navy Zip-Up Hoody

Navy Zip-up Hoody From Very

Most of us love to steal our Mr’s hoodies (and other clothes!) so wouldn’t it be nice to replace one? This lovely Navy hoody from Very is great quality and super soft, perfect for snuggling in to! 😉

Love Print

Love Print from Rocket Jack

Rocket Jack offer a whole range of fantastic prints, some of which can be personalised. I really like this simple Love Print which is available in A3 or A4. A simple gift to show your Mr you love him and perfect for hanging in the bedroom.

Personalised Soulmate Glass Keepsake

This personalised soulmate glass keepsake from The Gift Experience is so lovely! An easy way to let your Mr know this Valentine’s day just how much he mens to you.

What do you think of these Valentine’s day gifts for men?

Smiling Fearlessly With CariPRO – Review & Giveaway

I’ve been smiling fearlessly since I started using the CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant! I was kindly sent the CariPRO UltraSonic Toothbrush to review and having had it for a few weeks it’s time to let you all know what I think!

Smile Fearlessly - CariPRO Ultasonic Toothbrush

I’ve only used one electric toothbrush before and it wasn’t as great as I hoped. I expected quite a lot of vibration and found it only gently buzzed and it felt no different to a manual brush. I was really excited to try the CariPRO having heard it vibrates 40,000 times per minute! I’m also excited to offer you, my lovely readers a discount code and a giveaway at the end of this post, so read on!

Smile Brilliant

Smile brilliant are teeth whitening experts and have teeth whitening systems as well as the fantastic CariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrushes! They aim to make dental hygiene as enjoyable as possible whilst giving the best whitening and cleaning experience on the market.

CariPRO on senstive mode

CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric ToothBrush

The CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush removes 7x more plaque than manual toothbrushes. Within just 2 weeks of use, gum health is majorly improved too. With daily brushing, the CariPRO will remove everyday stains giving you a noticeably whiter smile. The best part is that if you aren’t happy within 60 days you can send it back free of charge! On top of that, every CariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush comes with a 2-year warranty. All for a reasonable price too!

What’s In The Box

1 x CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

  • 40,000 vibrations / minute dynamic cleaning action
  • 5 brush modes (clean, white, massage, gum care, sensitive)
  • 30 day battery life (on full charge)
  • Ergonomic slim design with graphite gray soft-touch grip
  • Waterproof design is safe for shower or bath
  • Auto-interval smart timer for even & timed brushing
  • Wireless charging dock
CariPRO handle

2 x Premium Brush heads with tongue scraper

  • Angled and tufted DuPont™ bristles
  • Graphite gray with vibrant blue silicon exterior
  • Quick-click attachment
CariPRO bursh head

1 x Wireless Induction Charger Dock

  • 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz (works internationally)
  • No exposed metal (charges by setting brush on dock)
  • Matte gray graphite with soft-touch grip

Full 2-Year Warranty

  • Full warranty against manufacturer
  • Retail packaging (individually sealed)
  • Instruction booklet

The package I received is $119 (Roughly £90-95) which is a fantastic price considering the benefits from using the CariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush. You can check out FAQ’s here.

Improving My Dental Hygiene

I don’t hesitate to admit that my teeth are far from being in good condition. During my teen years, I struggled with several ED’s, I then had 3 pregnancies all suffering extreme Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Following that I have had issues with my vitamin levels, all of these issues combined have led to a few fillings, a gold crown and my teeth crumble in odd places due to the lack of calcium absorbed.

Brushing with the CariPRO

All these issues can make me struggle to keep on top of my dental hygiene. When nothing makes a difference you begin to feel like its a waste of time. I was excited to see if the CariPRO helped at all and was genuinely impressed with the results.

Smiling Fearlessly

When you have issues with your teeth it makes you really self-conscious, it’s a struggle to feel like smiling. After the first time using the CariPRO I noticed an immediate change. You feel like you’ve just left the dentist after a good clean! After a few days I noticed my gums were improving and turning pink again. I even felt like I could #SmileFearlessly whilst brushing my teeth! I can see such a noticable difference, my teeth aren’t pure white and never will be but the change is incredible!



I like to use the Clean or White mode the most as you can really feel the difference. However, as my teeth are weak I love that the CariPRO has a sensitive mode! Some days I need to swap to sensitive but most of the time I am able to use all the modes. Massage and Gum Care are fantastic for improving the cleanliness and overall health of your gums and as I mentioned before, you really do notice a big difference.

Would I Honestly Recomment CariPRO?

Honestly? For the price, the modes available, the warranty, the fact it makes such a difference to your dental hygiene and motivates you to keep on top of it regularly, I couldn’t recommend the CariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush more! You really do feel like smiling fearlessly! I love the soft touch handle and how sleek the overall design is too.


Sound like the perfect toothbrush for you? Fancy smiling fearlessly as well? Enter code – relentlesslypurple20 to receive 20% off your order!


As promised, I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to offer my lovely readers a chance to win a CariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush too! Just enter here for your chance to win and smile fearlessly!

electric toothbrush

Second Crochet Project Update

Here’s a second crochet project update, you can read the last one here. I set myself a goal of 10 projects to complete this year and have been working my way through them quicker than I thought I would.

Second Crochet Project Update

Second Crochet Project Update

I’ve managed another 2 projects on the Crochet To-do list leaving just 6 left. Thankfully a second list has begun as I can’t see this keeping me occupied all year after all, haha!


Admittedly the ‘Cushion for me’ was actually for Martyn! I wanted to make it as a surprise using some of his mums left over wool he gave me at Christmas. I didn’t use a pattern thinking a simple granny square design would suffice. I’ve never made a cushion before but decided to just give it a go.

Granny square cushion

I used blues as it is Martyn’s colour, particularly the middle and grey goes quite nicely in between. As I was using scraps I had to work out a pattern before I started. I made the squares as two pieces then stitched them together leaving one side open to insert the cushion.

Blue and Grey Granny Square Cushion

I was quite impressed with my stitching on this cushion. I added a short panel on one side like on pillow cases so the base of the cushion didn’t poke out. I then added two star buttons to help keep it shut. This means the cover can be taken off to wash and dry.

Unicorn For Izzy

Next I started on a Unicorn for Izzy. I used a pattern for this but with Izzy’s guidance we changed a few things!

The pieces were all quite easy to make. Although my stitching still needs a little improvement with Amigurumi patterns it went together quite easily!

Crochet unicorn

It didn’t take long at all to stitch everything together and see a unicorn slowly appear.

Unicorn with legs

Apart from the glitter wool (never again! Ouch) I quite enjoyed making Izzy’s unicorn. Although I did get a little bored making so many curlicues.

Crochet Unicorn

Luckily Izzy decided we needed less curlicues and rather than two rows all the way down the head she opted to spread them out more like hair. Phew!

Crochet Unicorn

Next Make

I decided my next make will be the Grumpy care bear for Hannah as I have all the yarn I need for it and it looks like another quick make!

The Girls Book Review

We were sent The Girls book to review, a lovely story about friendship. The Girls is written by Lauren Ace and illustrated beautifully by Jenny Lovlie. This is a story of four girls, but also of womankind. A perfect read for children aged 3 to 6 years. We love to review books and often work with Little Tiger and their imprints reviewing books. Whilst we are given copies to review our thoughtsd and opinions are always out own.

The Girls

Once there was a tree that grew little girls…

The Girls – Book Review

Four little girls meet under an apple tree and form an unbreakable bond that grows and grows across the years. The girls share their secrets, dreams, struggles and triumphs in this lovely book as the four girls grow together.

Four Friends


This beautifully illustrated shows the girl’s friendship through their ups and downs, laughter and tears. Watch the girls friendship bloom throughout the years as they grow into women.

Empowering And Inspiring

This is a truly lovely story that leaves you feeling positive and empowered. It shows the importance of friendship, the love and support that helps you through every stage of your life. The gorgeous illustrations paired with Lauren Ace’s warm, heartfelt words is an inspiring read for young girls.


As a parent you will find this book shows your children there are no limits on their dreams. For children, it is reassuring as well as a rallying cry. This book shows you can be different or the same and relationships will come and go but filling your life with love and friendship will get you through the best and worst times.

This beautiful book is available in paperback and is published by Caterpillar books, an Imprint of Little Tiger Group. It is a fantastic book to introduce to young girls especially as they begin to make friendships through school.

Supporting each other

Izzy’s Thoughts

I read The Girls to Izzy and she thought it was lovely story. She enjoyed it so much she asked Eva to read it to her several times after! Izzy noticed the texture of the book whilst holding it too and really liked the feel of it. This book got us talking about how different and similar we all are and discussing friendships.

Personally I love the fact the book shows that friends do occasionally spend time apart, working on their own lives. Yet they still come together to celebrate and support each other just like we do in real life. True friendships can last a lifetime and this book makes that point so clearly and beautifully!

Do you love empowering books like The Girls?

Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband deals can be a nightmare. There are just so many offers out there. Before you purchase any kind of broadband packages, there are several things you need to consider. We’ve actually stayed with the same company for quite a long time now but every now and then we do shop around.

Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband Deals

When it comes to comparing broadband deals you really need to consider several things to ensure the package is just right for you. Wether you are looking for email access, business use, family use, gaming or streaming there are different packages perfectly suited.


There are various broadband speeds available but what you need depends on your individual usage. If you are only checking emails you aren’t going to need a super-fast broadband package. If however, you love to stream films and play games, have various devices and users, a super-fast package is more likely to be the best option. We use a super-fast package as all 4 of us use the internet in some way.

Download Allowances

Most packages range from 2GB to unlimited download allowances. If you are simply checking emails a 2GB allowance is perfect. For web browsing and occasionally watching youtube or similar you are going to need somewhere between 10-30GB. As with the speed, if you are a gamer, film buff or have various devices and users then anywhere from 40GB to unlimited would be ideal. We have an unlimited download allowance which is perfect for our family.


As we found when we moved into our current home, not all services are available in all areas and buildings. Due to living in a high-rise flat, we are fairly limited as to which broadband companies we can access. It’s worth checking beforehand as we found out at the last minute.


As with most services these days some deals offer add-ons such as phone lines or TV packages. Only agree to a deal that offers exactly what you need. We don’t have a TV or phone package as we don’t use them enough to warrant them. Consider how much time you may use a phone or TV package before agreeing.

Internet Security

Internet Security

Most companies even offer an Internet security package too but again check price differences. Sometimes a standalone security package can work out better value with more protection. Everyone needs some form of protection against viruses.

Shop Around

It really is worth shopping around as you can save a lot of money. Depending on your needs as an internet user, you can find a great deal by shopping around. Sometimes there’s as much as £40 difference between packages!

Do you compare broadband deals before deciding which package is right for you?

Driftwood By T.L. Wright – Book Review

I ordered Driftwood to start off my reading challenge this year. T.L. Wright is a lovely lady I occasionally chat to on Twitter and an amazing author! I really couldn’t wait to get started with Driftwood, the front cover is gorgeous!


As part of my reading challenge this year I vowed to read as many books by authors that I chat to as I can. Last year I read Free and What’s Mine by the lovely Fiona Morgan. To start off this year I wanted to begin with Driftwood and I am so pleased I did. This is a book that will no doubt be re-read too which isn’t something I do often!


Driftwood begins with a beautifully worded poem that instantly draws you in. This stunning gothic romance is simply amazing. You can’t help but notice T.L Wrights unique style of writing that entrances you.

Several stories cleverly combine into one as we meet each character. Each character has a unique story but one which pulls them all together in an enchantingly haunting way. With several references to certain bands (I won’t give the game away!) cleverly placed I found myself fangirl squealing a bit. Not something that usually happens in all fairness haha!

Driftwood back cover

An Amazing Read

Driftwood is unlike anything I have ever read. You instantly find yourself lost in the words, living and breathing each one which isn’t always the case. It’s been a long time since I came across a book like Driftwood. I honestly can’t wait to read the sequel and any other work written by T.L Wright.

I couldn’t recommend this more if you love a slightly darker and in-depth read. The way it is written is absolutely beautiful, I can’t stress that enough!

I’m now going to be hunting for more books like this as it has helped spur me on with my reading challenge. I have already managed 3 books this month which is great after years of barely picking up a book. It is becoming part of my self-care routine now to read for an hour a day at least.

Have you read anything this year? Does Driftwood sound like a book for you or have you read it before?

Buying Second-Hand Luxury Watches

It’s tough buying second-hand luxury watches with confidence. You can’t always be certain you are buying an authentic luxury watch second-hand.

buying second-hand luxury watches

The Mr used to wear a watch so I was hunting around before Christmas for a new one. I had planned to buy him a gaming chair but a watch was a backup gift but I was unsure where to start.

Most sellers offer no protection when buying. It is scarily easy to be fooled by imitations. It can be a huge loss as often imitations hold no value whatsoever. We’ve had a few issues in the past ourselves with buying imitation products. You can lose a lot of money!

Buying Second-Hand Luxury Watches

If you plan to buy a second-hand luxury watch it’s best to find an expert seller. A genuine seller can provide both certificates of authenticity and a guarantee. These offer a piece of mind when buying second-hand.

There are sites such as Chronoexpert where you can buy used luxury watches safely. Transactions between individually through Chronoexpert are under cover and protection of Chronoexpert facilities. Each watch is examined and analysed by experts in watchmaking ensuring imitations do not pass through the site. You can buy some lovely watches from Breitling to Rolex.

Proof Of Authenticity

The real value of each watch is provided by an expert with a guarantee of two years. They also provide certifications of authenticity and a 14 day retraction period. I think this is a pretty good service bearing in mind the high risk of buying an imitation.

The last thing you want is to try and treat yourself, a partner or friend only to find you’ve been duped with no chance of recovering the loss. With this service, there is no chance of that happening as each watch is expertly inspected before being sold.

If you are buying a second-hand luxury watch I would definitely recommend using this service.

Have you bought a second-hand luxury watch before? Have you heard of Chronoexpert?