A School Rant!

Time for a school rant! Some of my long time readers know we have had quite a few problems with Eva’s school over the last 2 years. Year 2 started off looking quite positive but yet again it’s all gone down hill.

We are berated for apparently not reading enough with Eva, they suggest 4 times a week.. anyone will know from my IG we definitely manage that! It annoys the hell out of me as it is simply a case of them NOT checking her reading log.. again.

Eva will bring home a book and read it to me, she fills out her reading airmiles slip whilst I fill out her log. It can then take anywhere up to a week for it to be returned to us with a new book, so far yet again this term her teacher has failed to sign it or add in Eva’s weekly behaviour sticker once!

Eva herself has gotten fed up this week. She came home and told us she swapped her reading book herself.. She also told us that she filled out the teachers log herself too, to save her teacher bothering as she ‘takes 20 minutes and doesn’t even read the log’. Poor Eva is fed up, she knows she reads brilliantly, she reads at least a book or 2 a day to herself and to us. She regularly reads to Izzy with such enthusiasm and I love listening in.

Although I have explained she shouldn’t be doing this herself I didn’t tell her off. How can I? She is just a 6 year old frustrated at being held back and not having her hard work and effort noticed & appreciated by the very people who are there to judge & mark her work!

I did let the school know about this when they called me about yet another issue. We found writing on Eva’s chest, on the left hand side (she’s left handed) written neatly & several lines of it. She instantly admitted who had done it and the Mr brought it up with the school. Our main concern is that this has somehow happened during school hours, she’d have to have her top lifted up and vest for quite some time, why wasn’t this noticed?

By the time Eva had a chat with the teacher’s she suddenly changed her story and said she did it herself. This would have been impossible for her & her handwriting must have suddenly improved massively, yet the school are adamant Eva must have done it herself. We know when Eva is lying and it was obviously the same friend who had written on her arm earlier in the week which she admitted at the time.

Eva also came home this week wearing boys boxers, she hasn’t wet herself in well over a year but because she had a cover teacher she waited too long to go to the toilet as she didn’t want to interrupt the teacher ‘like everyone else was’. There’s always something. It’s getting VERY stressful.

In these freezing temperatures her teacher has tried to send her home with no COAT, hat, gloves or scarf (which we sent her in with) TWICE! The Mr insisted it was found both times before leaving as if she’d have gotten ill, I then would have recieved an attendence warning letter!

It’s really stressing us out. We need to move and find a better school for the girls! Rant over!


    Oh you poor things! Yes, you really do need to find a new school, this one is definitely not meeting your daughter's needs at all. Are there any other schools in the local area you could look at? Really hope you get this sorted :-( x

    Lisa | 1 year ago Reply

      The schools are full, ours has had to have an extension to cope. It wasn't even on our list of 3 we chose 😔 x

      RelentlesslyPurple | 1 year ago Reply

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