My Sunday Photo – Sliding At The Park

I missed last weeks #MySundayPhoto after the Mr was attacked by a neighbour. I lost my blogging mojo all week because of it but decided I needed to jump back in & #MySundayPhoto is a brilliant way to do that!

my sunday photo - sliding at the park

We escaped to the park a few times this week & I love this photo of Izzy about to go down the slide at the park. A little bit of sunshine & playing brightened up our week!

Did you have a bit of sunshine this week? What did you get upto?


My Sunday Photo – A Lovely New Crocheted Unicorn Friend

Izzy received her lovely new crocheted unicorn friend this week and I absolutely love how happy & smug she looks. After lots of arguing between the girls over Eva’s pink sparkly unicorn Izzy had to have her own!

She couldn’t be any happier with her stunning new friend Crocheted by the Lovely Mrs A/Tracey at Hooks & Dragons.

lovely new crocheted unicorn friend

I love this photo so much I had to share it as my Sunday photo even though I already shared it on Instagram! Both my girls now have their own unicorn in their favourite colours. Finally the arguing has stopped.. over unicorns at least…



My Sunday Photo – Harley Davidson 

Harley Davidson
Anyone that know’s me well knows I would absolutely LOVE a Harley Davidson, in purple of course! This Harley the Mr spotted is pretty cool too and owned by a guy who served in the para regiment and was enjoying a pint at the same pub as him.

I love the sound of a Harley engine and love wandering past the lakeside store and seeing them all outside… I’ll have to see if I can snap my dream bike for a #MySundayPhoto soon! Do you have a dream bike too?