Creating Disney Jr Characters With Snazaroo Face Paints

We’ve been creating Disney Jr characters with Snazaroo face paints. Disney and Snazaroo have teamed up to create some fantastic tutorials to create your own Disney character look. We were sent a Snazaroo kit to try out their tutorials and see if we could come up with any of our own.


Creating Disney Jr Characters With Snazaroo

Snazaroo’s fantastic Disney Jr tutorials are really easy to follow with a video, step-by-step written instructions and a list of everything you need. They have several characters from Belle, Coco, Hulk, Lightning McQueen, Jack Sparrow, Elsa, Hulk & Iron Man! Using these great tutorials even with my unsteady hand I almost got the girls to resemble their favourite Disney Jr Characters.


Toddlers being toddlers, Izzy wiggled and checked in the mirror without warning whilst I painted her face. Safe to say we need a little more practice, mostly with sitting still, to perfect face painting. Luckily Snazaroos helpful tutorials made me feel like I had done better than Izzy could manage herself at least haha!

Creating Disney Jr characters with Snazaroo face paints

As you can see Izzy was more than happy with the end result even if it wasn’t perfect. In fact, she spent the day telling everyone she was Belle and a princess. I’m sure with more practice we can really improve on Belle face paints in the future.


Having seen the trailer for Coco Eva really wanted to try the Coco tutorial, again a little practice is needed. Izzy had wanted Coco this time too but couldn’t keep still so distracted Eva whilst I did her face paints. I did learn to blend a little better with this attempt, a previous attempt with Izzy didn’t go so well.

Izzy was again quite pleased with her unfinished look and Eva, as you can see was slightly disappointed as the top of her head had gone drastically wrong. Luckily the Snazaroo kits come with plenty of face paint so we continued trying out the face paints across the week.

We decided to try again the next day with new characters to see how we got on.


Izzy decided this time we should give the Elsa tutorial a try. With my unsteady hand and wiggly toddler, I set to work following the tutorial which turned out much better.


Jack Sparrow

Eva chose Jack Sparrow as her final Disney Jr Character which turned out fairly well although her giggling about her bushy eyebrows and moustache made it a little difficult in some places. Again the tutorial was so simple to follow!

Have you tried creating Disney Jr Characters with Snazaroo Face Paints before? Which Character is your favourite?


Weekend Box – Snazaroo Face Paints

Weekend Box have teamed up with Snazaroo and created a fantastic face paints box. Eva loves Weekend Boxes, you may remember she reviewed some boxes last year and had her photo featured on Facebook too! We love subscription boxes that keep us entertained over the weekend. Weekend Boxes are suitable for 4-9 years. This fabulous mini box is just £2.99!

Weekend Snazaroo Box

Of course Eva was extremely excited to discover a Weekend Box addressed to her this week and couldn’t wait to see what was inside and start having some creative fun!

Inside The Weekend Box

Weekend Box

Eva still loves the characters on the box and how it is packaged, she loves that she can open the box and read about the animals before finally discovering what’s actually inside the box. She remember the cute woodland characters from last year and loves Hattie the Hedgehog.

Weekend Box Snazaroo

Snazaroo Face Paints!

As you can see Eva was really excited to discover her Weekend Box had Snazaroo face paints inside! Snazaroo face paints are suitable from 3 years. They are so easy to use, just add water, even Izzy joined in and had a go. Snazaroo face paints are made in the UK, they are skin friendly, fragrance and paraben free and are formulated from premium cosmetic ingredients to be gentle on skin. We all have sensitive skin, cheap face paints causes rashes but we have no problems at all with Snazaroo face paints.

With 2 fun Snazaroo face painting kits to use Eva couldn’t wait to start using them. Eva loved the Birthday party face paint stamp kit. She especially loved the cupcake and face stamps so we started with those.

Cupcake Face Paint

We tried out the mini face paint kit next and decided to follow the directions on the box to see if it was as simple as it looks. We need a little more practice but Eva loved the end result! The 3 step guide was so easy to follow and Snazaroo have more guides online.

The Snazaroo Weekend Box is so much fun and something we can use again. You can invite some friends round & paint all their faces as there is plenty of paint in those kits! This is definitely something we would recommend as it kept us busy for quite some time. Of course we then had 2 clowns running around causing havoc in the flat haha!

Because Snazaroo face paints are water based they are so easy to clean off. Using wet wipes we had clean faces again in minutes! We love the mini kit so much! There are five vibrant themes available – Summer, Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter. The colourful summer packs include a fun Festive Mask (made up of bright pink, white and royal blue) and a Jester (featuring grass green, white and purple).

Snazaroo paint a smile

Do you love the look of the Snazaroo Weekend Box too?

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review.