Book Reviews

We often share book reviews from children’s books to adults. As a family of readers, we cover various genres, Izzy loves a heartwarming story, Eva loves adventure and I love anything a bit quirky, dark or funny. Below you can find a range of book reviews helping you discover amazing new books, authors and illustrators.

  • Dead Guilty by Michelle Davies
    I received Dead Guilty by Michelle Davies to review, the fourth novel in the DC Maggie Neville series. A psychological thriller, published by Pan Macmillan, that is hard to put down! Dead … Read more
  • Hellrider By JG Faherty – Blog Tour
    I received Hellrider to review, a fantastic horror by JG Faherty. Published by Flame Tree Press, Hellrider is available in both paperback and hardback copies. Hellrider Eddie, a former biker gang member … Read more
  • IGIST By L.S Larson – Book And App Review
    We received IGIST by L.S Larson to review, an innovative new immersive children's reading experience. The IGIST book and augmented reality app work together to create an entirely believable and compelling new … Read more
  • The Boy Who Couldn’t By Rachel Coverdale
    We received The Boy Who Couldn't by Rachel Coverdale to review. Both Eva and I read the book and love the message behind it as well as the addition of animals. The … Read more
  • Lets Find The Tiger – Children’s Book Review
    We received Let's Find The Tiger to review, beautifully illustrated by Alex Wilmore. Published by Little Tiger and aimed at children aged 0-3 years, who will love finding the Tiger. Let's Find … Read more
  • I Love My Llamacorn – Book Review
    We received I Love My Llamacorn to review by Prisca Le Tande. Published by Little Tiger and aimed at children aged 2 to 5 years, this gorgeously glittery book is perfect for … Read more
  • Zippy And Me By Ronnie Le Drew – Blog Tour
    Zippy and Me is a hilarious autobiography by Rainbow Puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew. Zippy and Me is the first behind the scenes look at the iconic children's programme Rainbow. Rainbow aired over … Read more
  • Dotty And Dash’s 1,2,3 – Children’s Book Review
    We received Dotty And Dash's 123 pop-up counting book to review. Illustrated by Craig Shuttlewood, written by Patricia Hegarty and published by Caterpillar books, an imprint of Little Tiger. Dotty And Dash's … Read more
  • Second Skin By Sue Bentley – Blog Tour
    I received Second Skin by Sue Bentley to review, a fantastic fantasy featuring shapeshifting dragons! This is the first book in the Bridge of Fire books published by Endeavour Venture available from … Read more
  • American Dreams By Kenneth Bromberg – Blog Tour
    I received American Dreams by Kenneth Bromberg to review, a crime novel published by Flame Tree Press. From Czarist Russia to America where dreams are made, we follow Max and his father … Read more