Relentlessly Purple – 2nd Year Of Blogging

I can’t believe Relentlessly Purple is 2! My second year of blogging as Relentlessly Purple has been awesome, I’ve learnt a lot over the last 2 years.

Relentlessly Purple Bloggerversary!

Changing over to last year was a scary and exciting move but one I’m so pleased I made! With a great friend looking after my hosting (so I don’t break anything) I’ve been lucky to escape the big issues most bloggers face. I am extremely grateful for that! If you haven’t already check out my post on his new subscription box and take a look at his fab new project, Bytesize Box UK.


I’ve continued to meet some awesome people in the blogging world too which has made a huge difference. Whilst I am still struggling with my mental & physical health amongst other concerns, the support I’ve had from the blogging community is absolutely amazing. It’s nice to know someone is always around for a chat about absolutely anything from blogging, crochet, crafts, days out & more!


Some of the review opportunities I’ve had have been fantastic. The girls have had a chance to play with gorgeous toys such as the Lucy Locket Wooden Fairytale Tea set.  We’ve met Authors & Illustrators at Little Tiger’s 30th Party and had some fun days out with Martyn & the boys at events like the Medway English Festival and the Rochester Dickens Festival. I’ve worked with Hallmark at Christmas & for fathers day too. So many great opportunities & hopefully lots more to come.

Growing Relentlessly Purple

Looking back I can’t believe I walked away from blogging before. Setting up Relentlessly Purple has been amazing. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging for 2 years which I’m taking as a good sign! I never expected the blog to grow so much in so little time. Although I lose confidence at times and have days where I just can’t hit publish, I am getting braver and enjoying blogging in my spare time.

Family Fun

Blogging has become a fun part of our family life too and the girls love getting involved. Even the Mr has had a chance to try some awesome beers like Goody Ales & these Fallen beers as we’ve started trying more craft beers and share our discoveries. All round blogging has been pretty positive for all of us. Hopefully I’ll carry on for years to come & get a chance to work with more brands I love & continue making amazing blogging friends!

I decided to celebrate my bloggerversary and 27th birthday on the 14th August to run a small giveaway for my lovely readers!

After running a twitter poll it was quite clear we all love chocolate and stationery so I have decided to fill this lovely gift box below with a few surprise treats for the winner! Want to know what is inside? BEST GET ENTERING 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How long have you been blogging for? Has your blog exceeded your expectations?


    Please please please please please please let me win!! 😙😙😙 Tracey Abrahams recently posted...Crochet Viking Hat- Free Pattern – Off The HookMy Profile

    Tracey Abrahams | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy bloggy birthday!Where does the time go?!Been a pleasure to share the ups and downs over the last few months and here's to more fun ;-)

    Pickinguptoys | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy birthday to your blog!! Here's to many more years! Any chocolate is good but I do like milk chocolate like Galaxy. x

    Kim Carberry | 1 week ago Reply

    Everyone loves Cadburys! Happy blogbirthday.

    Liam Bishop | 1 week ago Reply

    Wishing you a happy blog birthday. A big fan of Lindt or Green and Blacks here :)

    Tara | 1 week ago Reply

    Galaxy or lindt are my favourite 😀 Happy bloggerversary😀

    Ashleigh Allan | 1 week ago Reply

    I love galaxy or lindt 😀 Happy bloggerversary 😀

    Ashleigh Allan | 1 week ago Reply

    I would choose any milk chocolate

    Kay Sherman | 1 week ago Reply

    Thorntons always goes down well I think - don't you

    Christine Dodd | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy blogaversary. What an amazing couple of years you’ve had. I’m a fairly new reader but cannot wait to see what the next year brings you.

    Nicola J Ogston | 1 week ago Reply

    Milk chocolate. Don’t mind which brand but yum!

    Ellen Stafford | 1 week ago Reply

    hotel chocolat milk chocolate is my all time favourite

    sharon martin | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy blogaversary!! Any milk chocolate is always a winner 😍👌🏻

    Jessica Barber | 1 week ago Reply

    It would have to be dairy milk whole nut for me, my fav!

    amanda walsh | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy 2 years! And maltesers, nom!

    shannon willdigg | 1 week ago Reply

    I love cadburys!

    Amie | 1 week ago Reply

    Cadbury's Crucnchie!

    Tony Metcalfe | 1 week ago Reply

    I Love all chocolate equally, but Wispa is my fave x

    Kirsty Greer | 1 week ago Reply

    Great blog x congratulations on your 2nd year x

    Louisa | 1 week ago Reply

    I’d be happy if I won anything, but I do like Toblerone as a treat

    Sue McCarthy | 1 week ago Reply

    Congrats Hun, im a big lover of Galaxy xx

    STACY SORRELL | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy Birthday 🙂 I would choose dark chocolate if I was lucky enough to win 🙂

    Michaela Smith | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy Blog birthday! As you are relentlessly purple I'd go for the purple chocolate, or Cadburys as it's known.

    Anne | 1 week ago Reply

    h has to be anything Cadburys!!! No nuts though! Happy Birthday!!

    Pippa Ashton | 1 week ago Reply

    cadburys caramel yummy

    iain maciver | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy Blog Birthday!!! 😉

    My favourites would be Galaxy or Milk Tray.

    Abigail Cullen | 1 week ago Reply

    I’ve blogged for about a year or so but honestly I haven’t really put the time to it that I wanted so noooo definitely not exceeded my expectations. I think sometimes Im best leaving it to the pros 😛

    Glenn Seale | 1 week ago Reply

    Happy Blogiversary. My favourite chocolate is Lindt praline 🙂

    Kim Neville | 1 week ago Reply

    Any chocolate is good 😁

    Jolanta K | 1 week ago Reply

    anything, we are a house of chocolate lovers

    sarah rees | 1 week ago Reply

    Hotel chocolat would be amazing

    caroline kelly | 1 week ago Reply

    Any Milk Chocolate or white chocolate is yummy

    Kat lucas | 1 week ago Reply

    I like Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

    Kevin Honey | 1 week ago Reply

    I love cadburys mainly dairy milk is the best. Have you been watching Craft It Yourself? I follow you on twitter (ABitFilmMadFaye). Happy birthday to you yay 2 years!

    Miss Faye Wilson | 7 days ago Reply

    i love ALL chocolate

    Lyndsey | 7 days ago Reply

    I like dark chocolate or galaxy the best but obviously will eat any!

    Sheena Batey | 7 days ago Reply


    Tammy Stevenson | 6 days ago Reply

    Those little Lindt chocolate ball things! So delicious and so naughty!

    Lindsey Smith | 6 days ago Reply

    Anything Cadbury’s 🙂 Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog.

    Christopher Read | 6 days ago Reply

    Anything Cadbury’s 🙂 Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog.

    Christopher Read | 6 days ago Reply

    Dark chocolate please, or milk chocolate – actually any chocolate

    Sheri Darby | 6 days ago Reply

    Happy blogaversary! I like Cadbury’s

    Fiona | 6 days ago Reply

    Cadbury’s Whole Nut or Galaxy! Yummy!

    Tracy Nixon | 6 days ago Reply

    dairy milk or guylian shells

    sam macaree | 6 days ago Reply

    it has to be some lovely dark chocolate

    simon tutthill | 6 days ago Reply

    I would choose some hotel chocolat milk chocolate

    Bob Clark | 6 days ago Reply

    Happy blogging birthday!! I'd choose some chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. Anything with praline in, or nuts WOW!! Salivating just thinking about it...

    Laura Chapman | 6 days ago Reply

    Galaxy bar (or bars) for me!

    MintyR | 6 days ago Reply

    Hotel so lovely x

    Claire glace | 6 days ago Reply

    Cadburys Chocolate best in the world

    Pauline Hill | 6 days ago Reply

    I love Crunchie bars

    Zoe C | 6 days ago Reply

    cadburys chocolate is the best

    maureen findley | 6 days ago Reply

    Happy bloggy birthday, been a pleasure reading

    Mark | 6 days ago Reply

    I'd probably have to go for some Green and Blacks butterscotch, it's divine!

    Kat B | 6 days ago Reply

    I hate to say it but I have yet to try a chocolate I did not like, when it come to chocolate anything goes :)

    Helen Blake | 6 days ago Reply

    I’m partial to a Bounty 🙂

    Suzanne Jackson | 6 days ago Reply

    Dark chocolate! Maybe bourneville?

    Katie Howell | 6 days ago Reply

    I'd pick Thorntons

    Leanne Newsome | 6 days ago Reply

    Happy Blog Birthday. I would choose Lindt to celebrate on your behalf

    Fiona King | 6 days ago Reply

    Milk Chocolate <3

    inga sibalova | 6 days ago Reply

    Cadbury diary milk

    Linda Ford | 6 days ago Reply

    green and black are quality - happy blog birthday

    stuart hargreaves | 6 days ago Reply

    Love all chocolate but especially love any chocolate with nuts in!

    Kim Styles | 6 days ago Reply

    Something dark. Quite like Lindt’s selection.

    Marc H | 6 days ago Reply

    anything that's milk chocolate or white chocolate!! :)

    Charlene Aldred | 6 days ago Reply

    I like Lindt or Green and Blacks or Thorntons or Cadburys or Galaxy…omg I can’t choose, so long as its not cheap chocolate I am happy! Congrats on your blogging birthday 🙂

    Louise A | 6 days ago Reply

    It would have to be a smooth sexy Lindor and I know how you feel about purple, its my fave colour too and on a day I am feeling down, if I wear it, it always brings me back up again! xx

    Mrs Lisette Ann Davidson | 6 days ago Reply

    Happy Bloggaversary. I love the strawberry and Orange Roses chocolates.

    lorraine kirk | 6 days ago Reply

    would love some dairy milk chocolate thank you

    Carole Nott | 6 days ago Reply


    CAROLYN HEYWORTH | 6 days ago Reply

    I don’t mind as I love all chocolate especially Cadbury’s Caramel and Toblerone, which I love to eat really cold and hard out of the fridge.

    Debbie W | 6 days ago Reply

    Happy birthday!!! I’m not sure there is a chocolate I don’t like haha but I love anything with nuts 🙂

    Stacey Carnell | 5 days ago Reply

    Toblerone…lovely sharing treat 🙂

    Alexa Schoolar | 5 days ago Reply

    I like all chocolate but especially Crunchie bars

    Suzie W | 5 days ago Reply

    milk chocolate

    Claire Little | 5 days ago Reply

    Happy 2nd Blog bday!! Here’s to many more!
    Chocolate is chocolate, it’s all gooooood, I’m not picky!

    Laura Corrall | 5 days ago Reply

    Happy Birthday and well done. Anything with Cadbury’s on the wrapper would be my choice

    Sharon Arnott | 5 days ago Reply

    Lindt milk chocolate

    Sidrah Ahmed | 5 days ago Reply

    smooth galaxy is my fave. all the best to you 🙂

    Kev C | 5 days ago Reply

    Ooh. Some nice rich truffles 🍫

    AnnaH | 5 days ago Reply

    I love Cadburys chocolate, especially Milk Tray

    Carole E | 5 days ago Reply

    Cadbury’s have a new chocolate called Roundie and I love them. Light crispy wafer layers covered in delicious milk chocolate. Tesco’s have them on offer so I’ve been bulk buying.

    Solange | 5 days ago Reply

    It would have to be Frys Turkish Delight (hopefully enough a chocolate bar to qualify)

    Chris T | 5 days ago Reply

    Happy Bloggerversary! Anything chocolate is fine by me.

    Vicki D | 5 days ago Reply

    It would be Dairy milk wholenut the big one lol or if it was a box then it would be Dairybox because I love every chocolate in the box and none get thrown in the bin

    Pauline jaconelli | 5 days ago Reply

    i never discriminate with chocolate! but if i had to choose then it would be Lindt

    Ann-Marie Gould | 5 days ago Reply

    I will choose dark chocolate as it is my favourite.

    Leila Benhamida | 5 days ago Reply

    Literally anything Cadbury would be enough for me!

    Jade Wimsey | 5 days ago Reply

    Hotel Chocolate! So good, I’m addicted.

    Hayley Gibson | 5 days ago Reply

    It has to be Cadburys Dairy Milk.

    Nic | 5 days ago Reply

    Any kind of milk chocolate, but I do love Hotel Chocolat especially

    Kate ONeill | 5 days ago Reply

    Cadburys fruit and nut!

    Rich Tyler | 5 days ago Reply

    Happy Bloggervesary. I’m partial to a bit of dark chocolate.

    Ashley Phillips | 5 days ago Reply

    Love milk chocolate especially galaxy choc

    Tania Atfield | 4 days ago Reply

    Has to be lindt milk chocolate

    katie w | 4 days ago Reply

    I love galaxy!

    Kate Toner | 4 days ago Reply

    Happy blog (and real) birthday! :) Giveaway sounds fun, count me in for chocs and stationary.

    Mike | 4 days ago Reply

    I think it would have to be cadbury caramel love them!

    ADEINNE TONNER | 4 days ago Reply

    Happy Blogiversary! It would be something dark like a Bourneville bar for me.

    Caroline H | 4 days ago Reply

    Happy blog birthday.

    I love galaxy

    angela sandhu | 4 days ago Reply

    Galaxy milk chocolate. Mmmmm

    Kevin Johnson | 4 days ago Reply

    Any chocolate but I do particularly like Thorntons.

    Stephen Temperton | 4 days ago Reply

    Happy blogiversary! I’m choose Dairy Milk with Oreo if I won 🙂

    Emily Knight | 4 days ago Reply

    personally I love Hotel Chocolat but any will do!

    Susan Hoggett | 4 days ago Reply

    I’d choose Green and Blacks

    Lucy Carter | 4 days ago Reply

    I do love Lindt

    Jenny Jones | 4 days ago Reply

    I’m craving a Double Decker!

    Emily Hutchinson | 4 days ago Reply

    Congrats on entering your second blog year…proof if needed you are indeed ‘relentless’ 😉 I hope you have managed to include some of my favourite ‘purple’ hazlenut and choccy Quality Streets in your yummy box to celebrate? x

    Jo Carroll | 4 days ago Reply

    Congrats! I’d like any milk chocolate, I’m not fussy 🙂

    Charlotte Carter-Dunn | 4 days ago Reply

    Happy blogaversary! Id love to see any Cadburys chocolate in there!

    Vicki-Anne Smith | 4 days ago Reply

    Lindt Chocolate Balls

    Lisa Wilkinson | 4 days ago Reply

    Cadburys chocolate is a must for me

    georgina sudron | 4 days ago Reply

    I am easily sorted I love most chocolate but not dark chocolate.

    Carol Peace | 4 days ago Reply

    Happy Blogaversary! I love truffles 😉

    Karen R | 4 days ago Reply

    I love white chocolate

    jen jackson | 4 days ago Reply

    I love strawberry and mint chocolates

    Helen Tovell | 4 days ago Reply

    I love dark chocolate 🙂

    Patricia Avery | 4 days ago Reply


    My favourite chocolate bar is a Cadbury’s Crunchie 🙂

    Lynsie Lynn | 4 days ago Reply

    Thank you! Green and Black for me 🙂

    Karen Barrett | 4 days ago Reply

    Cadburys creme eggs – nom nom nom

    Sharon Worsley | 4 days ago Reply

    I would love anything but dark chocolate

    Caroline Signey | 3 days ago Reply

    Happy Blogiversary! My favourite chocolate is Lindt, but I’m not fussy 😀

    Elisabeth Ries | 3 days ago Reply

    I like all chocolate but especially dark chocolate. Happy bloggerversary and 27th birthday.

    Andrea A | 3 days ago Reply

    Anything milk chocolate!

    Maria Jane Knight | 3 days ago Reply

    Happy blogaversary! I’d choose any kind of dark chocolate 😛 yum yum

    Laura Vitty | 3 days ago Reply

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

    Sarah Robinson | 3 days ago Reply

    U would choose lindt

    Leanne weir | 3 days ago Reply

    I think Galaxy – it’s my favourite, but I love all chocolate! xx

    Adrienne McGroder | 3 days ago Reply

    lovely – dairy milk.

    jamie Millard | 3 days ago Reply

    Hey chocolate is chocolate and I love it!! 🙂

    Deborah Bird | 3 days ago Reply

    Milk choc for me

    Cathryn Crawshaw | 3 days ago Reply

    pretty much any milk or dark chocolate. really don’t like white chocolate.

    emma davison | 3 days ago Reply

    Lindt chocoalte for me, but it’s got to be dark 😉

    Laura Jeffs | 3 days ago Reply

    Happy Blog Versary 🙂 I would go for Lindt

    Lydia Graham | 3 days ago Reply

    Just love the simplicity of galaxy 😀 ymmmmmm

    Samantha Turner | 3 days ago Reply

    Would have to be Cadburys, Dairy Milk or Wispa or Double Decker, or Flake or Twirl………….

    Lee Whittaker | 3 days ago Reply

    Hotel Chocolat would be lovely

    Alisa Moore | 3 days ago Reply

    Happy blogday 🙂 I would like to receive any type of kinder chocolate 🙂

    Silvia Prizzi | 3 days ago Reply

    love white chocolate or caramac

    alice lightning | 2 days ago Reply

    Lindt balls are my favourite but I love any milk chocolate xx

    Jessica Hutton | 2 days ago Reply

    Cadburys milk chocolate

    Catherine Gregory | 2 days ago Reply

    Happy blog birthday – anything Cadburys for me 👍

    Joanne smith | 2 days ago Reply

    dairy milk 😀

    sandy | 2 days ago Reply

    I love galaxy chocolate – its slightly salty nom

    ellie spider | 2 days ago Reply

    Any Milk chocolate 🙂

    Diana | 2 days ago Reply

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