Samsung SmartThings win

Over the last few months I’ve been posting about the Samsung SmartThings Starter kit I received to test and review in a word of mouth campaign thanks to The Insiders.


Throughout the campaign there were a few challenges to make videos, unfortunately due to my anxiety I was really struggled to participate in these challenges and contacted The Insiders to apologize. In the last few weeks of the campaign The Insiders added a challenge for those that reported conversations, posts etc the most so they could also win their starter kit.

Luckily I’ve spoken to a good few people about the starter kit as well as posting about how I have used it on-line and reported back several times.

A few days ago I received an amazing email from The Insiders and I was one of the lucky few that gets to keep their starter kit & I will receive 3 extra sensors including the Motion, Presence & Multi sensors!


To say I am over the moon would be an understatement. I thought all the challenges were over and was gutted I would have to send my starter kit back as I couldn’t afford £99 to buy it but getting to keep it along with 3 extras is awesome and I cant wait to receive them and put them to good use!

Along with the LGG4 campaign I have thoroughly enjoyed being an Insider and can’t wait to see what campaigns are coming up next!


    That's very exciting!! Congrats! :D

    Sanne | 3 years ago Reply

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