Calming hobbies

I wrote about anxiety last week and how I’ve really been struggling with it recently along with depression mostly because I suffer from chronic pain.

I asked readers for tips to help me feel less anxious constantly. One tip I recieved was to write down every thing I want to get off my chest at night and the other was to find a hobby to keep my mind focused.

I had managed to pick up the yarn I needed to finish my knitting project and was already half way through knitting a scarf too and I have been making an effort to knit a few rows every few hours.

Every night on my notes I write down everything that has been frustrating me. Knitting along with writing whats on my mind each night does feel like its helping, as I write it feels like a weight is being lifted and I think about less and less with every stitch focusing only on the next stitch.

I noticed a lot of my writing each night is about how my pain has limited me throughout the day. It makes me feel useless as I tend to end up sat on the sofa trying to focus on not moaning too much but over the last day or so im focusing on my knitting whenever I’m on the sofa so I at least feel like I am achieving something by watching my projects grow.

My pain levels have escalated throughout the day but im still feeling positive. I havent had an attack in a few days now and I feel a bit more positive in general so I’m going to keep up the writing and knitting and once Ive finished Izzy’s blanket and scarf I plan to attempt learning crochet!

calming hobbies
Almost complete!

Thank you for the tips and keep them coming in if anyone has any others 🙂

Do you craft? Feel free to link up your makes, I love seeing what other people have created!