Win A Stationery Bundle – 3rd Big Birthday Giveaway!

A stationery bundle is up for grabs for one lucky winner today! Today (9th August) marks the 3rd year of Relentlessly Purple and so far we have 3 giveaways live!

Along with this stationery bundle I’m giving my readers a chance to win a pair of Akai wireless headphones and a £15 Hotel Chocolat E-gift card. Makes sure to enter each giveaway for a chance to win. 

I am a self-confessed stationery addict, blogging gives me a great excuse to always buy more! Over the 3 years of blogging as Relentlessly Purple, I’ve been lucky to review some gorgeous stationery too including a Ryman diary Old English Co and Printkick stationery bundle. Now I’m giving you a chance to win a bundle of stationery I’ve enjoyed buying over the last week!

Stationery Bundle


Stationery bundle

Today’s bundle includes various stationery items roughly totalling £20. We have some lovely pens, sticky notes, a notebook and more for our winner!

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Don’t forget to come back each day for an extra entry for each giveaway too!


    My stationery obsession is notebooks.

    Solange | 5 days ago Reply

    Pens are my obsession

    Heidi | 5 days ago Reply

    Three years – amazing congratulations!

    Rachael Stray | 5 days ago Reply

    I am totally addicted to pens and note books!!

    Alica | 5 days ago Reply

    Notebooks are mine, i have them everywhere, i keep one in my handbag one in the lounge and bedroom and have a huge one in the kitchen for ideas,

    Susan Smith | 4 days ago Reply

    Sticky notes! I have so many of them!

    Fay | 4 days ago Reply

    i love sticky notes, so handy for lots of things.

    Jackie Dawson | 4 days ago Reply

    I love note books especially if they are pretty.

    Michelle Smith | 4 days ago Reply

    I love notebooks, I am very protective over my notebooks at work..i know if anyone has even tried to write in them lol

    cheryl hadfield | 4 days ago Reply

    I love anything stationery! Especially new notebooks and pens, but love it all!

    Charlene Merrall | 3 days ago Reply

    Pens - you can't beat a good pen

    Janet Birkin | 3 days ago Reply

    pens, notebooks and folders!

    Debbie Finnerty | 2 days ago Reply

    I like notebooks, I think I’ve got too many though as I never have anything to write in them but they look pretty!

    Jade Hewlett | 2 days ago Reply

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